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In order to increase customer loyalty one needs to start by increasing the commitment and motivation of one’s own employees. At Buljan & Partners Consulting we help you support and encourage employees so they can offer excellent interactions that are focused on the customer’s needs and that create a connection between the customer and the company.

When working with clients we create a framework of performance-based incentives together with clearly defined processes and a personalised talent development program for each employee.

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Committed Employees as a Company Priority.

Productivity and efficiency in any company are linked to the employee experience. An employee’s level of commitment and professional motivation has a direct correlation with the positive impact they produce on customers. As a result, well-motivated employees have a direct effect on the profitability of the organization.

The employee can often be considered as an internal customer since he or she must “buy into” the company’s vision and long-term message about the experience that should be offered to external customers thanks to the active participation of each employee.

For this reason, we must ensure that the employee or “internal customer” understands the full company experience, can empathise with it and transmit it easily to the external customer.

The implementation of a culture that focuses on the customer’s experience is possible if the needs of the employees are met correctly first of all. Regardless of the qualities and abilities that an employee possesses, the correct attitude can be formed using professional motivating techniques. This means that employees don’t have to conform to a specific personal profile and can develop the required customer-centric behaviour, which means added value for the customer.

One of the main priorities for today’s organizations is securing committed employees. For this to happen, there must be personnel management and continuous training to reinforce the values that the company wants to transmit to the employees and to its external customers.

Talent Development

Companies need to discover how to meet the needs of their employees if they want to improve their results. With the proper customer-centric vision in place, plans can be made so that organizations can improve the performance of their employees. Within human resource management, it’s crucial to simplify processes, automate as many routine tasks as possible and provide employees with the necessary tools and information to minimise their weaknesses and maximise their strengths.

The heart of any organization must always be its people. It is only through people that the company can achieve its stated objectives. Talent development must focus on improving both the customer experience and the employee experience. In this way, the quality of service will improve and this will have direct effect on company profits.

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