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Instead of focusing on isolated training requirements within the organization, training should be designed within a professional career plan that is aligned with the employee’s performance and also aligned with customer-focused performance indicators.

With our CX Talent service we can help you create this development plan for your employees once their abilities and commitment to a customer-centric business model have been identified. One can then implement an emotional-rational approach that is easy to apply, which captures the interest of your employees and also creates trust and motivation.

Buljan & Partners Consulting can support you by providing a plan with proven solutions that include training and coaching to reinforce and support the change towards a customer-centric management culture (CCM). Once you have your employees focused on both internal and external customers you will be able maximise the profitability and loyalty of your external customers.

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What’s special about personal development in a customer-centric company?

Employees turn out to be the best ambassadors fora brand as they interact with customers in a personalised way, changing the way they behave and the words they use when responding to the needs of the customers they have in front of them.

Training should focus on giving employees the tools and knowledge they need to ensure that they recognise the importance of the customer experience and a culture of “people who serve people“. In this way one can manage employee performance that adds value to the personal relationship with the client.

The setting up of employee development programs will increase talent levels and align all areas of the company around one, central objective, namely the customer.

In an increasingly competitive world, with products and services that are almost identical, one finds companies that invest in technology without considering the impact on the external customer. However, one can also find organizations that stand out because they have established customer experience as their main point of difference with their competition.

Customer Experience Performance Evaluation and Continuous Skill Training.

Front-line employees live out the experience that the company offers to each customer and this gives them a sense of belonging, satisfaction and commitment. As a result, business identity is strengthened and all of this is transmitted to the customer and can have a positive effect on the company.

When providing training on customer experience skills we use our CX Talent service to determine whether the customer experience delivered by the employee is at a basic, medium or high level.

To achieve change, we focus on getting commitment from every corner of the company. Everyone must be involved if the desired results are to be reached. For this reason, employees must receive training whether they have direct or indirect contact with customers. In addition, we use a Customer Experience evaluation system that allows us to follow-up on the decisions that have been implemented to improve the customer experience.

These employee development programs will contribute to each employee’s continuous involvement in improving the customer experience, maximising customer loyalty, increasing company profitability and attracting new customers.

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