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If we ask companies if their reason for being is their customer, and if the experience that they offer that customer is a strategic priority, the answer will surely be a very clear, “Yes”. When we speak to customers about their experiences we realise that the perception of the customer experience differs a lot from company to company. But, how can we convert something that is common sense into everyday business practice?

In the START phase we help raise the level of awareness of the management team and position Customer Engagement as the key to success for your organisation. Together, we generate more awareness of the customer’s perspective and make it clear how the company can go about leading a process of change towards a customer-centric business model. In order to provide memorable experiences for customers we begin by analysing the level of customer experience maturity in your company and your competitive position in the market place. Together, we then identify the level of preparation and commitment of employees when offering unique and memorable experiences to your customers.

Throughout our 15-year history, specialising in Customer Experienice, we’ve been able to confirm that the most successful projects are those built on a solid strategic foundation, with a high degree of commitment on the part of management.

We do not consider our projects as one-off commissions, but more like the beginning of a strategic relationship with each of our clients. If you contact us, we will analyse your company’s situation by applying a proven methodology and propose a tailor-made project that will set the foundation for your transformation into a more customer-centric organisation.

Customer Centric Leadership

Customer Centric Management Leadership is aimed at the management team of a company. The aim is to understand exactly what it means to be a customer- and employee-centric company and how to lead a process of cultural and structural change towards a customer-centric model.

My Customer & Customer Journey

Knowing what motivates them, what is important for them and what gives them value is extremely important in order to find out what their reality is when interacting with us and how to positively influence their experience. At MyCustomer we define customer profiles based on their needs and feelings.

CX Talent

Buljan&Partners has developed a customer-centric talent management methodology called CX Talent. It includes a set of tools for analysing the level of experience we are offering our clients based on how we act towards them.

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