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We accompany our clients on their way to true Customer Orientation at all organizational and functional levels. We support the creation and strengthening of competitive advantages because the client recognizes it.

My Customer & Customer Journey

At MyCustomer we define customer profiles based on their needs and feelings. We analyze the experience lived by each customer by performing a Customer Journey exercise and X-ray of all the points of interaction with your company.

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Experience Guide

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we train memorable behaviors in your employees who provide the experiences to your customers. In support of this training we provide a Physical Experience Guide that serves as an inspirational manual.

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CX Talent

It allows us to analize the talent of our employees. It offers how to know in a simple manner what behaviors to improve and how to do so to offer a WOW experience.

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Customer Process Alignment

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we help our clients identify the best processes with which to analyze the client’s experience and the thoughts, feelings and emotions derived from it. Start by looking at the process from the customer’s perspective.

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Customer Centric Leadership

Customer-Centric Management Leadership is a program directed at a company’s management team. The aim is to understand exactly what it means to be a company focused on both customers and employees, as well as to understand how to lead a process of cultural and structural change towards a customer-centric business model.

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CRM Alignment

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we are experts in aligning the experience you want to provide with the CRM environment. We accompany you at all times and support you in the selection of tools, needs analysis metrics, project management implementation and testing, user training and change management.

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Be Relevant

At BeRelevant we help you create value interactions with your customers using specialized technology. Through Realtime Interaction Management (RTIM), customer managed journeys, loyalty campaigns, marketing automation and audience management, this service will help you find out what adds value for your customers.

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