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Customers force us to come together, to collaborate …. and collaborate in earnest, by turning all our attention on them. Customers demand to be treated on an equal level, whoever they may be dealing with and through whichever channel. Sometimes that means by-passing internal rules in order to make quick decisions that will benefit the customer at a critical moment. This is the reality that companies have to deal with and some of them have real difficulty adapting to this new reality because of the structure of their organizations, their internal processes and policies.

Complementary services in the following program:

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we can offer advice about organizational structures that help to break down communication barriers between isolated departments so that the customer experience is fluid and consistent, at whichever point of interaction they have chosen. In addition, we can advise on how to establish the responsibility for Customer Experience within your organization.

What should the company do first; digital transformation or customer-centric transformation?

Digital transformation is clearly the most fashionable idea at the moment. It will reach every company, sooner or later. But is it really wise to organize the whole company around a single channel of communication? Companies implement digital strategies in order to improve the interactions they have with their customers and vice versa. At Buljan & Partners we are convinced that all strategies should be crafted around the customer, through whichever channel they choose to interact.

Ideally, customers demand attractive, personalised and effortless experiences across ALL channels. For this to happen, it’s essential to do everything possible to minimise the customer’s effort and ensure that the relationship with the company is pleasant, satisfactory and long-lasting. For this to happen, the organization must have an internal structure that has the customer at its heart, so that a coherent set of interactions can be experienced across all available channels.



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