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From theory to practice. On paper, customer experience is no good. In order to turn it into a reality for your customers, we at Buljan & Partners Consulting train the employees that will be providing the experience for customers on how to make their performance as memorable as possible.

In support of this training, we provide an Experience Guide which serves as an inspirational manual to support employees on how to provide the desired level of customer experience.

Values Offered by our Experience Guide

The Experience Guide that we offer includes a series of values that are useful for employees and for the company, with the aim being that they use them to make a customer-focused business become a reality.

By using this Experience Guide, employees can link the brand with the customer experience. In this way, when a customer comes to the company in search of services and products, they will recognize that part of the differential value of the products and services on offer includes a positive customer experience.

With the Experience Guide, we can promote cultural change within the company and re-orientate corporate philosophy towards a customer-centric model in which the customer’s experience and needs are the building blocks of the company’s commercial and promotional strategies, and determine the treatment given by employees to customers.

Experience Guide: Benefits for Employees

Thanks to the Experience Guide provided by Buljan & Partners Consulting, company employees can easily adopt this cultural change. They learn the value of good customer experience and learn what changes they have to make in the work they do, to achieve these new objectives.

The Experience Guide helps support the change in focus of the work of employees, as well as to achieve great results when the company is directing its strategies towards a customer-centric model.

As a result, employees can easily identify the results from the practical application of the Experience Guide. They feel part of the company strategy and can direct the tasks they perform and their treatment of customers towards more immediate, realistic objectives, rather than simply reaching commercial targets or attracting new clients via promotions.

Experience Guide: Benefits for the Company

The Experience Guide is essential for the company because it becomes the tool with which corporate philosophy is able to reach a customer-centric business model.

It serves both managers and front-line employees; in fact, it should be used in all areas so that the company, as a whole, is transformed and encouraged to use customer experience as the basis for all of its decisions.

The Experience Guide also builds on the benefits offered by a customer-centric culture, such as the affinity customers feel towards the company, a more positive buying experience, the personal recommendations given to other family members and contacts that may later become customers, the increase in the company’s competitive advantage and the overall improvement in the company’s profitability.

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