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WoW! People for WOW! Experiences

Buljan & Partners Consulting has developed a customer-focused talent management methodology called “CX Talent”. It includes a set of tools for analyzing the level of the experience offered to customers, based on how we interact with them.

It allows us to better understand what we need to do to offer them a differential and memorable experience. It provides a simple way of knowing which behavior needs to improve and how to go about offering a WOW! experience to each customer, with every interaction.

Benefits of “CX Talent”

If we identify improvements that can be applied to the behavior of employees to improve customer experience and ultimately achieve better results in this area, then the benefits we can obtain using “CX Talent” are considerable.

The most important benefit derived from applying “CX Talent” is to provide differential value to the business. Given that customer treatment or customer service has been one of the decisive factors when choosing one company over another, then a company can gain added value when the focus is not on the service but on the experience itself and this is something which doesn’t go unnoticed by customers.


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