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Do you want to raise the level of awareness of the management team and understand how to lead the change towards a customer-centric business model?

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we offer specialised leadership workshops that are focused on the customer. They are designed for the company’s management team and aimed at understanding what it means to be a company that is focused on both the client and the employee and how to lead a process of cultural and structural change towards a customer-centric business model.

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Why do you need to be customer-focused?

In general, all managers or company directors are clear that the customer is ultimately the most important part of any business model, in any professional sector.
These same managers, often convey to their employees the need to give maximum priority to the customer. However, although managers and everyone else in the company believe that they are giving the customer top priority, the customer’s view is very often quite different.

What is needed is the correct kind of customer focus

in which the customer really is the centre of the organization and onto whom all the professional and commercial strategies are directed, instead of focusing exclusively on products and processes, which is what happens in most companies.

How to Improve the Focus on the Customer?

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we offer the Customer-Centric Management Leadership program, through which the management team of a company manages to relate Rational Language with Emotional Language. Thanks to this, the products and services of the company can be seen in the context of a customer-focused vision.
As a result, all commercial decisions and promotional strategies are based on this vision, thereby motivating a cultural change and a change in the company’s philosophy towards a “customer-centric” business model.

What Results does the Customer-Centric Vision Offer?

Improving the focus on the customer has a rapid and visible impact on the financial results of all the companies that pursue this goal.
Some of these results can be advanced with practical examples. For example, at Buljan & Partners Consulting we have seen that the majority of managers who start our customer-focus workshop, become active promoters of this type of management, practically from the very start.
In the day to day commercial activities of most companies that have a customer-centric management team, we have identified a notable improvement in their competitiveness.
But the customer focus of a company doesn’t only improve the balance sheet and short term financial results. A management team capable of transmitting the company’s cultural shift towards a one that is focused on the needs of its customers improves in other aspects, such as its corporate image, the social consideration it receives or even the personal impact on the customer who receives real benefits in the medium to long term.

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