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A customer-centric process begins by looking at the process from the customer’s perspective:

  • Agility, speed, solution-oriented?
  • Have we understood the customer’s needs?
  • What happens before a purchase decision is made?
  • Are the customer-company/ company-customer interaction points all in alignment?
  • What interests a customer most when they interact with your company?
  • How can we analyze and act on decisions that are made during the process?

The aim of our methodology is to support those responsible for process development and to help them define customer-centric processes that are going to improve the customer experience at each point of interaction.

Customer Process Alignment Service

At Buljan & Partners Consulting, we help our clients to identify the best processes for analyzing the customer’s experience, thoughts, feelings and the emotions derived from it.

We don’t limit our focus to the practical side of the purchase process. We focus on all the other motives stemming from the original customer need, their interest in the company, as well as those arising from the acquisition of the product or service until the moment they return to make a repeat purchase.

The questions we ask are a sample of the processes which we choose to analyze. However, almost every company in every sector can generate different processes and different analyzes which will bring the company closer to each type of customer.

Customer-Centric Process Strategy

The customer-centric process strategy that we offer at Buljan & Partners Consulting consists of several phases. The first is the analysis of the company itself, its culture and its business philosophy, in order to identify the extent to which it has applied an effective customer-centric focus.

With an analysis of the practical and theoretical experiences that customers have with the company, we support those responsible for process development by identifying those that are going to be most valid for a customer-centric strategy.

The processes or strategies derived from them are subsequently applied and we redirect commercial and promotional decisions towards a positive customer experience. We analyze the processes that are valid and change those that can offer the company better opportunities.

Benefits of This Service

With the Customer Process Alignment service offered by Buljan & Partners Consulting, we aim to support those responsible for the selection and practical application of these processes to direct the company towards a customer-centric model.

With these processes we can base the business model on the customer’s experience, in the hope that the experience will be positive throughout the purchase process. Additionally, we can give customers a reason to return and repeat the experience, appealing to their practical needs, as well as to their emotions and feelings.

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