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Do we understand the emotions of our clients, their motivation and their expectations?

Knowing what motivates customers, what is important to them, and what gives them value is vital if we want to find out what they really experience when they interact with us and how we can influence that experience in a positive way.

In MyCustomer we define customer profiles (customer persona) based on the customer’s needs and feelings. We analyze the experience lived by each customer persona that performs an action during the Customer Journey, which can be considered an X-ray of all the points of interaction a customer has with a company.

MyCustomer Service – Identifying your Customer’s Profile

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we offer the MyCustomer service as a tool with which to identify what the customer is like. This information will help direct the entire business strategy to focus on the interests, needs and preferences of specific customers, instead of relying solely on its own products and services.

Customers are all different especially in two ways. On one hand, customers are different from each other, because no two are the same. Each customer has their own feelings and needs; however, it is possible to identify elements that are common to them all.

On the other hand, customers are different depending on the sector or company with which they are in contact. Consequently, a customer can maintain a specific position and certain preferences with one type of company and apply a completely different purchasing strategy with another company that offers different products and services.

All this depends on the needs of our customer in relation to the products and services that they expect to find when they connect with our company.

The MyCustomer service applies analytical strategies and provides conclusions about the type of customer that contacts the company and, in particular how to benefit from their preferences, their decisions and feelings in order to adapt a strategy that suits them.

Customer Journey Strategy – The Customer Experience

One of the most effective ways to learn about the customer and improve the “customer-centric” business focus is through an analysis of the Customer Journey. This strategy analyzes the full customer experience with the company, from the moment the need arises for a product or service that brings them to the company and afterwards, when the customer is using the product or service.

With customer journey analysis, we not only get to know the customer; we also get to know how our company interacts with the customer, which elements are well oriented towards a positive experience, which elements we can improve and of course, which factors are having a negative impact on the customer experience.

Obviously, Customer Journey analysis is not just limited to the physical interaction between the customer and the sales representatives. It also includes the emotions and feelings of customers during their search and acquisition of the product or service.

With MyCustomer & Customer Journey we have a fuller and more accurate vision of the customer and what they want, which allows us to apply a more effective and more profitable commercial strategy.

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