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By designing your client’s Customer Journey and using Voice of the Customer data, we can help you answer this question. Our “Best in Class Experience” service will help you see how you are positioned relative to your competitors.

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Customer Experience Maturity Analysis to Improve Competitivity.

One of the reasons why the competition is overtaking your company’s position in the market place is because they are managing their Customer Experience more effectively.

The company’s level of Customer Experience maturity is fundamental for market positioning, because only business models focused on the customer will achieve positive development over the longer term.

But before discarding existing strategies or moving towards other types of business models, we must analyze the company’s level of Customer Experience maturity in order to know what needs to be improved to achieve a more favourable market position.

Analyzing the Level of Customer Experience Maturity

Once one has managed to raise awareness amongst the company’s management and employees about the importance of the customer vision and after having initiated the change in the business model towards a customer-focused model, it is also the moment to stop and do some analysis.

In the same way that many companies think their business model is focused on the customer experience, many managers also think that their knowledge about the customer experience is sufficiently developed. In fact, they are both part of the same problem.

If one believes one has a high level of Customer Experience maturity, then one has no need to develop a business model focused on the customer. That is why our “Best in Class Experience” service is necessary, which we at Buljan & Partners Consulting offer in direct response to the question: “Are we really customer-centric?”

The ultimate objective of this service is to improve the customer focus of the business and establish a suitable benchmark for Customer Experience maturity. But for this, we must first analyse the extent of this maturity level within the company, if it has even been started at all.

Factors that Affect an Analysis of Customer Experience Maturity

The analysis of Customer Experience maturity can be based on several evaluation strategies, but the main points of analysis are quite well defined for almost all companies:

Degree of Awareness: It is important to recognize the extent of awareness about the importance of the customer perspective. We must identify this factor as part of the company’s culture, i.e. awareness of the need to give importance to the customer perspective, as opposed to the strategy of imposing such a perspective on employees, which would not be correct.

The Customer-Facing Business Model: If we analyze the business model one can verify the level of Customer Experience maturity. If there is no relationship between the two, then the company should start to change its priorities profoundly and learn to design new strategies that are focused on the customer.

Effective Management: In many companies the Customer Experience is easily identifiable within business processes. Analyzing the effective management of these processes allows us to learn about the company’s level of development in this area.

Quantification: Based on certain values, we help the company translate their analysis into quantifiable terms with which to determine more exactly the level of maturity of their existing customer experience, the success obtained with the strategies that have been applied and the objectives that are still outstanding.

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