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Customer Experience is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with the company or brand and has become a critical part of how businesses create value for their customers and how they in turn can use it to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Customers value personalised experiences which keep them loyal and which, over time, can develop into relationships of trust. Companies must strive to provide a personalised experience before, during and after a customer makes a purchase, through whichever channel the customers chooses. It also needs to be a personalised experience which stands out at the critical moment and exceeds the customer’s expectations.

At Buljan & Partners we can make recommendations about the programs a company has designed to produce memorable experiences at the critical points of interaction with their customers. The aim behind our methodology is to help our clients innovate and create value for their customers, differentiate themselves and be more competitive by providing consistently excellent customer experiences.

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Advantages of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty consists of applying strategies that capture and maintain the attention of the customer after the sales process has finished. In order to do this we must review every stage of the purchase process (before, during and after) with the aim of making the customer’s experience as positive as possible.

With customer loyalty one can obtain many benefits. The main advantages are related to profitability because customers complete the whole purchase process, promote the company by talking positively about their buying experience, and continue to invest in the company because they want to repeat their experience.


Building Loyalty

Strategies for building customer loyalty can vary slightly depending on the sector in which a company operates or on the products and services it offers. However, the common denominator is always the customer experience, which is the foundation on which any commercial strategy should be based.

Experience Marketing is a method of building customer loyalty. It focuses on the feelings and moods of a customer during their buying experience and the benefits that can be had from making the emotional part of the buying experience as positive as possible.

Another way to achieve customer loyalty is by presenting the buying process as something of differential value. As a result, the company doesn’t stand out because of its products or services but because of the positive experience the customer has enjoyed during the buying process.

These are just two examples of how customer loyalty can be created before and during the buying process, but the customer’s experience actually continues after the purchase has been completed. After the purchase process has finished, we reach a critical moment for companies that want the same customer to return in order to repair or service their product, or indeed to acquire a new one.

In these cases, one has to combine marketing strategies and attract customers by using more personalised forms of communication which will help build loyalty over time.

In the end, all these customer loyalty methods seek to focus on the positive elements of the customer experience, because if the experience isn’t suitable for customers, they may not return and might choose another company’s products and services instead. Or worse still, a poor customer experience could undermine the company’s efforts to compete and have the effect of pushing customers away.

By creating greater customer loyalty one can retain customers, defend the brand and multiply the benefits of both.

The sale of a single product to a loyal customer will be profitable because the customer will return and will also make recommendations that motivate others to try the same positive experience for themselves.


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