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Customer-Centric Management Leadership is a program directed at a company’s management team. The aim is to understand exactly what it means to be a company focused on both customers and employees, as well as to understand how to lead a process of cultural and structural change towards a customer-centric business model.

Objectives of Customer-Centric Management Leadership

With the Customer-Centric Management Leadership program, we seek a strategic change in the company towards a “customer-centric” business model. In order to achieve this, the transformation must start with the company management.

Although many managers clearly identify the importance of the customer and try to convey this to their employees, in practice, commercial business decisions do not go in the same direction.

Many commercial strategies are based on the products and services offered, when it is the customer’s experience and the customer’s needs that should be guiding such strategies.

The aims of the Customer-Centric Management Leadership program focus on ensuring that strategic decisions affecting commercial, after-sales and other company activities are all directed towards the customer and their needs.

For this to happen, we must set in motion a cultural change and sincerely believe in acting on the emotions felt by the customer, and thus change the company’s orientation towards the customer.

The Customer-Centric Management Leadership program

Establishing a Customer-Centric strategy requires a preliminary internal journey within the company, which we at Buljan & Partners conduct through our specialized workshops developed specifically for senior management teams following the Customer-Centric Management Leadership program.

These workshops combine two methodologies; one related to Strategy Consulting and one that offers practical knowledge of Executive Coaching. When combined, the use of rational language already familiar and used by most executives is complemented by emotional language, which helps them think about products and services with the customer in mind. This in turn becomes the central focus for business strategy, operations, and all commercial decisions.

The objective is not just to understand what it means at managerial level to be in a company that places the customer at the center of its operations, but to learn to lead this cultural change based on values that affect the company philosophy, so that everyone can address this new “customer-centric” business model.

Results obtained from the program

Based on our experience implementing the Customer-Centric Management Leadership program, we identified some important results from clients that have followed it:

For example, from only the coaching session the change has been evident in the managerial team. In fact, 90% of the professionals who began the program have actively promoted “customer-centricity” as a management model for their company.

Longer term, we also detected that 85% of the skills of a manager who leads a “customer-centric” business model actually improve up to two years after participating in this program.

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