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Most successful companies are constantly renewing their strategies and carrying out organisational changes that allow them to adapt more quickly to the needs of their customers.

However, there are also companies that resist change and focus on a single scenario in which it is difficult to compete in an increasingly demanding market.

Some organizations prefer to implement small-scale modifications, but the market leaders single themselves out by undertaking organizational change that revolutionises their corporate culture and not only responds to changing customer demands but manages to exceed the expectations of their customers.

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A cultural change requires changes at all levels of the company. The business transformation needs to be managed correctly because it affects all the human resources within the company, starting with the employee’s decision making process to the way they treat and interact with external customers.

Do you feel that the time for change has come? Are you uncertain about how to implement changes in your organisation’s business culture?

The first thing to do if you want different results, is to start doing things differently. When we take the first step towards change, we know very well what we will lose, but in most cases we have no idea what might be gained. Hence the resistance towards change in many companies.

Change Management for a Change in Business Culture

There are many factors that will determine good change management. The realities that companies face when interacting with customers on a day to day basis are complicated, dynamic and demanding.

Mentoring, coaching, training and creating awareness are essential tools for making the process of change as quick as possible and as integrated as possible with the company’s day to day reality.

Through the use of these techniques in the hands of experienced professionals, the customer-centric transformation programme will advance and gradually increase understanding of the customer’s needs, overcome internal barriers, mitigate risks and identify opportunities that will give the company an important competitive advantage.

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we are used to carrying out cultural transformation in large companies with many employees across extensive commercial networks.

We can support your company with the design and execution of training programs, awareness-creation programs and also mentoring and coaching for individuals or groups. Our experienced consultants and trainers can support you in a national or international roll-out and manage large-scale cultural transformation projects that will enable your customer-centric strategy to come alive in everything the organization does, every day.

Our consultants and trainers will support the management of the change towards a customer-centric company. Together with the client, we implement the changes that are needed to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. Our specialists will also help identify what is happening in the market place, the development that needs to take place and the correct training your employees will need to have.

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