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A consistent customer experience must be accompanied by customer-oriented processes that are supported by the most suitable technological tools.

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we are experts at aligning the experience you want to provide with the CRM environment. We will work alongside you and offer support for selecting the right tools, conducting the needs analysis, managing the implementation and testing phase of the project, and for training users and change management.

Our work does not end once the system has gone live. We’ll be with you for the system updates, to advise you about how to make improvements, and to share details about current CRM trends.

We have expert knowledge about various methodologies including “agile” and “waterfall.” We are independent of competing vendors and competing technologies and can give you objective advice based on your specific needs and challenges.

Benefits provided by a CRM solution that is focused on customers and on the company.

Every business environment presents some kind of complexity; as the company grows and evolves, the administrative, commercial, promotional and economic processes increase in number, become more complex and demand more dedicated attention.

A CRM program’s main benefit to the company is that it saves time and increases efficiency in the management of its customers. Saving time and better management means profitability and increased competitiveness for the company, which allows the time saved to be invested in other areas or to improve existing ones.

Another advantage of a CRM program is its use of new technology. It’s very difficult to consider managing a company in virtually any sector these days without considering the options that new technologies present us with, especially concerning the storage of customer data and customer interactions.

The CRM programs supported by Buljan & Partners Consulting are constantly updated and maintain an effective functional link with customers. CRM professionals can manage this digital environment and benefit from technology that can help achieve business objectives.

In addition, a CRM program specifically configured to meet the needs of a company, controls and manages all internal processes, thus offering a full analysis of the most productive areas and those areas which need investment if they are to be improved.

Advantages of the CRM Alignment service of Buljan & Partners Consulting

At Buljan & Partners Consulting we offer a comprehensive CRM implementation service through CRM Alignment. With this service we accompany our clients throughout the process of selecting the most suitable tools, as well as a fully-customized configuration phase based on their professional needs and preferences.

Another important feature of our CRM Alignment service is that we are specialized in fast technological roll-out plans that benefit all areas of a company. We intervene to avoid damaging the incumbent systems, and allow the integration of the new CRM program as soon as possible to give immediate results.

Finally, we want to highlight the fact that we accompany our clients at all times, even after the CRM program has been successfully implemented. This needs to be done because both technological innovation and business needs are evolving at a faster and faster rate.

For this reason, part of our service means we encourage the updating of the system whenever necessary or expanding its possibilities in any of the business areas, which leads the company to improve its results and to reach new objectives.

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