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Do you need to promote awareness of the customer vision in the organization and position Customer Experience and Customer Engagement as the key to success in your organization?

Strategic decision-makers have to understand that Customer Experience (CX) is profitable. At Buljan & Partners Consulting we will show you how the return on investment in Customer Experience will help you to position it as a key element of your company’s strategy.

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What’s the difference between Customer Experience and Customer Engagement?

According to Paul Greenberg, the well-known Customer Experience guru, who we admire for his extensive knowledge and vision in this area, there is a clear difference between Customer Experience and Customer Engagement. According to Paul, Customer Experience, in its broadest sense, is the way a customer feels about a company over time. We know that feelings change and that we can’t change them through technology alone.

To be able to change their feelings about a company over time, a customer has to interact with the company in one form or another.

Customer Engagement is defined as the continuous interaction between the company and the customer, as offered by the company and chosen by the client. It is not about isolated interactions but about a unique relationship, based on a highly personalized level of continuous communication.


What is the role of CRM in Customer Engagement?

When it began in the 90’s, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was very similar to what Customer Engagement is seen as today, since the term was used more in the philosophical and strategic sense. As time has passed, the term CRM has become applicable only to technology and the systems that help create a personalised dialogue with customers. CRM has become a standard fixture within most companies, where if it is used intelligently and carefully, can become an effective tool to improve interactions between the company and the customer.

In this way, CRM has become the technological operating core for Customer Engagement and for improving Customer Experience, but they are not the same. 


The Relationship between Customer Experience and Profitability

Many companies focus on the importance of their products. How to create the product, how to promote it and how to sell more of it? In our approach, we don’t analyze any of these factors directly but focus instead on the customer’s experience of their interactions with the company: before, during and after the purchase of the product or service. We are all customers, with our own tastes and expectations. We know perfectly well who provides us with a good service and we know with which companies we want to interact in the future. Hence, the customer experience is perfectly measurable in terms of its return on investment.

We can help you identify these results and you will be able to transmit the potential benefits to those responsible for running the organization. You will be able to convince them about the importance of the Customer Experience and it will in turn become a prime objective for future business decisions.


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