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All companies make promises to their customers in every interaction and above all through their marketing, branding and advertising efforts.

Every brand creates expectations but we have to be aware that our clients are more informed than ever before, more demanding and more critical when it comes to evaluating whether what the company promised has been fulfilled or not.

The moment we fail to fulfill our promise, the customer has a poor experience and can quite reasonably criticise the company with a voice that will be heard by many others. In the longer term, it will be those customer-centric companies that not only keep their promises but exceed their customers’ expectations that will be the most viable businesses. If we know that the customer equates the brand with the experience they receive, we have to ensure that we have our brand positioning and business strategy strictly aligned.

In the CREATE phase we support you by placing the customer at the centre of your business strategy and measuring how successful this strategy has been. We co-design the experience you want your clients and employees to receive and we identify the changes that need to be made regarding processes, technology and talent.

If necessary, we can help organise the company to place the customer at the centre of everyone’s decisions, generate collective responsibility for the Customer Experience within the organization and create a plan to raise the Customer Experience skill set of your employees.

For the last 15 years we have helped our customers re-structure, implement and optimize Customer-Centric Management (CCM) in their organisations. What makes Buljan & Partners Consulting different is our level of commitment and the level of trust we build and cultivate with our clients, because we are after all “people at the service of people”.

The experience that we offer you as a client during the project is so unique and memorable that you will easily be able to offer it to your own employees and customers. Contact us and we will propose a tailor-made proposal so that your interactions with your customers can also be unique and memorable.

Customer Process Alignment

A Customer Centric process begins by looking at the process from the customer’s perspective

Have we understood the client’s needs? What happens before I make a purchase decision? What interests the customer when interacting with your company?

The aim of our methodology is to support process managers in defining Customer Centric processes that enhance the customer experience in each interaction.

Experience Guide

From theory to practice. The customer experience on paper is no use to us. To make it a reality for your customers, Buljan&Partners trains memorable behaviors with your employees who provide the experience. In support of this training we provide a Physical Experience Guide that serves as an inspirational manual that supports employees in providing the desired level of customer experience.

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