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At BeRelevant we help create valuable customer interactions using specialized technology. We can help you focus on the results of interactions with customers throughthe use of Realtime Interaction Management (RTIM), customer managed journeys, loyalty campaigns, marketing automation and audience management.

This service will help you uncover what adds value for your customers, so you can offer it to them and let them choose.
Very easy and without any worries.

Why BeRelevant?

Today’s world is purely social, even though new technologies have invaded almost every interaction we have with our customers. Being relevant, means generating interactions, reactions and comments from customers.

Our BeRelevant service looks to use all the options that new technology offers us at business and promotional levels to interact better with our customers. In doing so, one can achieve higher profit and the best possible correlation between investment and results.

Advantages for the company

The use of new technology in strategies such as Realtime Interaction Management or marketing automation, allows us to connect more easily with customers. It offers an up-to-date image of the company, linked to new trends that allow your company to take advantage of all the opportunities offered.

Strategies like these, based on technological innovation, also open the doors to new clients, to new ways of interacting with them, and to understanding their experiences as customers.

Another important advantage is the time that they can save. Although promotional and commercial strategies based on new technology require specially qualified personnel, the subsequent actions are done in less time and the results are also obtained more quickly.
However, the main benefit of our BeRelevant service is that the company remains relevant to the customer, thereby generating affinity, loyalty, and empathy.

Advantages for the client

The BeRelevant strategies proposed by Buljan & Partners Consulting provide advantages for the customers of the company that apply these strategies, because they create a closer relationship between the company and the customer.

The customer will be treated better thanks to Realtime Interaction Management and the management of audiences in general. The customer will realize that the business is focused on their experience because of services like customer-managed journeys. The customer will be able to opt for any loyalty strategy that the company sets up for the benefit of its closest customers.

In conclusion, a company that takes advantage of BeRelevant service strategies gets closer to the customer experience, and benefits from new technology that achieves a more personalized relationship and that addresses the customer’s specific needs.

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