WOW 2012 – 2013

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting

The year 2012 is almost over, usually the right time for some reflections on the past and a wish-list for the New Year.

Apart from the obvious health, happiness, success, earnings and savings analysis that most of us do, I encourage everyone to ask themselves the following 3 questions:

1) How many lasting wow-moments have I experienced this year as a customer?

2) How many lasting wow-moments have I provoked with my customers this year?

3) How can I improve the experiences I provoke next year?

Those who follow this blog know by now that in most of my posts I share personal customer experiences. Well, here goes another customer experience one that did give me a lasting wow-moment that might be of inspiration:

I would like to talk about Airport ARRIVAL TERMINALS. Many bloggers and other experts write about customer experience with airlines, but my travel day is normally made or broken when I get off the plane.

Sometimes you arrive in an area so neutral that it could be anywhere in the world. I personally like those arrival halls where you get welcomed to the country or city in a way that your senses get a good first impression of the culture and spirit. The warm blanked of humid air that befalls you when you arrive in tropical countries, the glitter and glamour when arriving in the UAE airports, the special atmosphere in many African arrival halls… I love them.

My most recent wow-moment occurred only a week ago, when I arrived in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Normally the Schiphol arrival hall is one of those neutral places where things go well but without personality. This time however, I was positively surprised, when leaving the D-pier towards to exit to the luggage area, to walk through a FOREST. Yes: There were trees (fake but nice ones) and birds singing (no real birds of course). This is what I needed, a warm welcome in a cold country. I was too impressed to make a picture but I could find one in this blog, or you can go and see it for yourselves!

Well done Schiphol, thank you for a great customer experience and keep the good work.

I wish all our readers a healthy and happy 2013, full of wonderful customer experiences, given and taken!


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