Which Metrics do Spanish Companies use to Measure Customer Experience?

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This is surely the most pressing question for those in charge of measuring Customer Experience. The information has been obtained from the “First maturity research on brand experience in Spanish companies” which we carried out in April 2018, with the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (marcasrenombradas.com/) and ESADE.

Here is some information on the metrics used by Spanish companies to quantify the experiences of their clients…

  • Surprisingly, there are companies who claim to have no metric in place for Customer Experience.
  • Surveys, Focus Groups and Mystery Shopping are the Customer Opinion tools most used (39% claim to use them).
  • The NPS® (Net Promoter Score) indicator is no longer just a trend, it is now implemented in various companies, 21% of those companies surveyed in the research claim to have this metric incorporated in their business. In addition to the NPS®, other indicators are also used which measure the Level of Consumer Discontent or Net Promotion.
  • Operational indicators are used such as returning customers, renewal rates, increases in sales and invoices (8%).
  • The complaints index is seen as a must in order for a company to know where it is going wrong.
  • Related to Customer Experience are Reputation and Employee Experience Indicators, such as Great Place to Work, which is used by 8% of companies.
  • Social networks are a great source of information which must be analysed and managed.
  • Marketing Science is customer information analysis tool for the implementation of future improvements.

It must be said that there are a significant number of indicators used behind the scenes in Spanish companies, and it is pleasing to know that they want to understand more about our experiences and our interactions as customers.

However, the key is if these companies are capable of digesting such large amounts of data, and if they can use it to implement actions for future improvements. What we see in our day-to-day work as specialist consultants is the speed in which data is captured can be overwhelming, and the priority of companies, and the speed with which they address or improve customer suggestions is much slower, frequently being left aside in an odd piece of paperwork.

While it is true that there are no good or bad indicators, our recommendation is for every business to define indicators which provide them with the most value when making decisions, preventing this procedure from becoming a negative experience triggered by the company’s eagerness to gain this information.

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Miguel Sanz is a Customer Experience Management expert and has experience in CRM and Project Management in various different industries dating back to 2009. Find out more about Miguel:

Access the full report here: marcasrenombradas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ESTUDIO-DE-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-CLIENTE-A-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-MARCA.pdf

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