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Even though the individual skills of workers enhance the quality of a good working team, it is the unity of the team the characteristic that will help achieve better results.



What is teamwork?

When we interview a new possible candidate to work for our company, we are expecting the candidate to have certain personal qualities. However, when he/she joins a team, you realize the results are not the ones expected. Why? The lack of cohesion in a team that not only requires to enhance the value of each individual, but also needs to take into account the sum of all members, shaped by the best characteristics.

This way, teamwork feeds on the quality of each member, the time invested on every phase of the process and the efficiency related to the results obtained.

Now, the question is: ¿which characteristics shall a good working team have?


Characteristics of a good working team

Among the different characteristics that comprehend a good working team we shall point out the following ones:

  • Cooperation: each member of a team shall boost his/her role assigned, but also shall take responsibility of paying attention to the needs of other colleagues. This way, a cooperative network is developed that is focused on a common objective and works for a shared goal.
  • Common goals: the product or service of a company is born from certain goals that, even though they can differ depending on the point of view, they all have in common the compromise of each team member.
  • Communication: the communicative skills are vital for any kind of working team when exposing pros, contras and opinions, but specially when solutions must be implemented.
  • Motivation and recognition: motivation is the oil that powers the engine of any team, being propitiated by any value that strengthens, even more, the compromise of every individual. Recognizing good work may be the best way to start.
  • A good leader: any team needs that person capable of having a broader vision of the set. That role must emphasize and remember the compromise with the customer and, above all, motivate the rest of the team to perform exceptionally in benefit of all.


Types of working teams

The characteristics of a good working team are applicable to any organization, and many of them present different approaches:

  • Functional working teams: this teams are composed y many vertical levels, and as such, each one of their members have different responsibilities focused on the compliance of a common objective. As there is a vertical hierarchy, the project counts with more than one working team. Each role of the project is assigned to one team.
  • Multifunctional working teams: it is composed by different specialists integrated in the same working team. Each one of the specialists works independently, being capable of taking decisions by themselves. Each worker may contribute to give a vision of his/her work to the rest of the team and therefore, speed up the decision-making process, however, sometimes this may lead to difficulties in terms of global management of the project.
  • Autonomous working teams: specially influenced by globalization. These types of working teams are shaped by the cohabitation of different languages and geographical locations within the same project.Therefore, independent working teams must complement each other perfectly, focusing on communication so that problems on this field as well as regarding cooperation and management


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