Patient Experience

In this post, we are talking about the Patient Experience, also called Patient Centricity. The new focus on health care is looking to know and improve the global patient experience in health centers.

As an interesting fact, Clínica Mayo has a department that focuses on Patient Experience and coordinates the actions taken in this field.

Let’s begin!

The first thing we need to understand is, what is patient experience?  It is not making the patient happy.

It is NOT SATISFACTION. Satisfaction is related to basic attributes of patient experience, not differential ones. In this case we refer to:

  • Efficiency of treatments/procedures
  • Security
  • Processes related with assistance quality

The Patient Experience refers to the perception of the treat that the patient has felt throughout the medical care. It is related to factors such as:

  • I have been listened to
  • My preferences were taken into account
  • My familiars or caretakers have been involved

There is not one solid and consolidated definition, but we may take as a reference the one of The Beryl Institute:

The sum of all interactions generated by the culture of one organization and that influence in the perception of the patient throughout his/her medical care.


Why is it important to apply Patient Experience in the health sector?

Mainly because there is more evidence that correlates the patient experiences with result improvement in health, quality of life, reduction of hospital stay, reduction of the number of readmissions, reduction of the costs in the health system, etc.

Additionally, it is important to introduce the Patient Experience in the health sector because of two additional factors:

1st Factor: Challenges of the health system

We refer to:

  • Increase of chronic patients versus acute patients.
  • Due to the aging of the population there is an increase of multi-pathological patients.
  • The lack of adherence to treatments keeps being a burden.

2nd Factor: The patients

  • We as patients have evolved in the last decade (we say we because sooner or later we all will be patients or caretakers).

Patients are more informed and in some cases, informed and trained. A lot of patients are nor accepting the patronizing health model and they want to be more active and participate in decision-making.


What are the main keys and challenges of Patient Experience?

The main KEYS in patient experience can be summed up into 4 aspects:

  1. “Working WITH the patient, not only FOR the patient.”
  2. Listen to the voice of the patient: not only to listen but to analyze and share their insights, turning them into concrete actions that provide value to patients and caretakers.
  3. It is key to know the Patient Journey (how the patient lives the journey of his/her care).
  4. Obtain more active patients, more involved in their care.

The main CHALLENGES are focused on the change management:

  • Challenges linked to cultural transformation: from a culture focused on sickness to a culture focused on the patients (or people).
  • Challenges linked to structural changes in the organization: organizations that allow the improving of communication between different stakeholders.
  • It is basic to work well on employee experience.
  • Improve the communication doctor-patient.

We hope we have provided with a global vision of Patient Experience. At Buljan&Partners we count with expert consultants that can help you focus on the transformation of your hospital, clinic or health entity, while also helping on the implementation.  Contact us at info@buljanandpartners.com and tell us your needs.