We´ll be attending #CRM2015 in Las Vegas!

CRM 2015 Las Vegas

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

At the end of March, one of the biggest CRM events takes place in Las Vegas: CRM2015 by SAP Insider. An excellent occasion for Buljan & Partners Consulting to once more travel to the US in order to meet other innovative CRM and Customer Centric leaders and mingle with other influencers.

In our Twitter and LinkedIn corporate channels we’ll be transmitting messages on key topics using the hashtag #CRM2015 of the conferences and meetings. Thus, we’ll keep you, as part of our Customer Centric Community up to date on the event. You can also follow the event on their web.

Monique Jansen, managing consultant at our consultancy, will be attending the event in our representation, so if you’d like to be in touch with her, here is her twitter profile and email address m.jansen@buljanandpartners.com.

But Why CRM 2015?

As you know, in the team members of Buljan & Partners Consulting we have been experts in CRM from when it all started with Sales Force Automation and Electronic Customer Cards way back in the 80’s. CRM is still as crucial and valid for companies as it has ever been.

Of course it changes: our customers have other priorities and habits, CRM does too. So it is very important it is for any CRM expert to keep up-to-date with latest trends and customer expectations. The event will update us on topics such as:

  • What are the real benefits of CRM system nowadays?
  • Are your campaigns, and loyalty programs really based on long term relationships or rather on acquisition?
  • What are the benefits of driving your e-commerce and online presence towards your customers?
  • Is your customer interaction center customer centric?
  • Are you connecting sales, marketing, and customer service business processes or disconnecting them?
  • Is your customer approach mobile?

The event is traditionally attended by CRM professionals from all over the world. This instance being situated in the US, will obviously attract many experts from the American contents. Below the typical industry profile of the attendees:

Industries CRM 2015

Industries attending

Who should attend? The event is an excellent opportunity for the following target groups to get a CRM re-fresher.

At the event, participants will have the following profile:

  • IT program manager
  • Business analyst
  • Director or Manager of sales,
  • Marketing, customer service, IT
  • CRM application design lead
  • Solution architect
  • Project manager
  • Customer service specialist
  • Vice president of product

Below we show you the conference agenda, as per the information announced in the web page of the organizing party.



If you are planning to visit the event too and are curious about our vision on CRM, please feel free to contact Monique Jansen in advance to plan a meet & greet!
Here her Twitter and email address m.jansen@buljanandpartners.com details.

More info on the agenda.

Luis Hergueta is consultant at Buljan & Partners Consulting and specialist in customer centric marketing. Luis is consultant for customer centric and customer experience projects accross several industries at Buljan since 2011.

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