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Written by Raquel Calleja for Buljan & Partners Consulting

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Buljan & Partners Consulting and as part of the commemorative events we’ve arranged visits to some companies of reference in CX like Loewe and Inditex. But we also wanted to pay a visit to the company we’ve always dreamed of being: the one that abandons the traditional silo structure and evolves for the good of its customers into a company organized around Customer Journey.

Below is a fictional interview with the Chief Customer Officer of a touchpoint organization:

B&P: What is an organization based on Customer Journey?

CCO: It means that the Customer Journey is our organizational model and that instead of traditional departments we as employees align ourselves around the different touchpoints with the customer in order to always keep their experience and their needs as the focal and in so doing ensure that all of their interactions with us are consistently excellent.

B&P: But how did you get here? What did you have to do?

CCO: I’m going to illustrate it for you so that you can understand how we created this organization model:

First of all, we identified all touchpoints very carefully, ensuring that they were all clearly and uniquely defined so as to avoid duplications and misunderstandings about where each touchpoint is located in the company. We then mapped the touchpoints to make sure that each one accurately reflected our customers’ experience in order to understand their impact and their potential.

This is also how we understand touchpoint flow, i.e., how the customer moves from one point to the next on the journey and what we could do better to enhance the transition. Here we listened very carefully to what our customers were telling us using different Voice of the customer programs and also different online and offline channels.

Secondly, we determined who within the organization was involved with each touchpoint and who was responsible for ensuring that the customer got to the next touchpoint in the most appropriate way. We also created a CX Steering Committee which is responsible for reviewing CX projects and making decisions to continue moving forward.

The third step was to create a touchpoint team whose mission was to start conversations that would engage the customer while at the same time finding solutions to problems and improving upon the experience at each T.P.

These teams, who work with agile methodologies, are responsible for:

B&P: If the “old marketing” is involved in several contact points, will it have to participate in the same number of points involved?

CCO: Exactly! The object now is to improve each touchpoint using their marketing expertise but especially by taking a customer-centric approach which means “doing new things that aren’t in the professionals’ job description”. We skip the protocol because what’s most important is that customers have the best possible experience with us.

B&P: What would you say was the most difficult part of improving the customer focus?

CCO: Aside from finding other companies that are transitioning to this organizational model, the most difficult thing was to convince the Steering Committee of why it was necessary to make this change and what the return would be.

We also encountered a great deal of internal resistance that had to be overcome in different departments of the company, which have always been there. Particularly since the company was doing well and no one could really understand the reason for the change. But once management got involved and the simplicity of it all became apparent, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

We’d like to thank our imaginary host for his sincerity and inspiration which we will share on our blog so that our customers, partners and friends can reflect on the benefits of moving their organizations toward a truly customer-oriented approach.

Raquel Calleja is partner and Customer Centric Talent Leader at Buljan & Partners Consulting. Raquel is coach and consultant for SMEs and international companies in the Talent Management area since 1992.

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