The Sunflower – Customer Centric Metaphore

director de felicidad

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

There is a very meaningful and unique icon in our company and it is sunflowers. And the explanation to this is because sunflowers turn to its origin of life -the sun- as well as a company turns to its reason of existence -the customer-. And that is clear. The sun never stays exactly in the same position since days and nights start all over again every 24 hours.

And so do companies – clients do not always want the same things and on the same conditions. Let me tell you 4 big similarities to prove this:

– A field full of sunflowers never keeps the same number and quality, the same happens with employees. It is the task of a company to convince all employees of the meaning of a quality work and commitment to customers.
– The climate or environment might change, but a company should take the measures to be protected.
– The sunflower (company) needs to know exactly how the sun (client) is moving, so that it can stay in the right direction.
– Sunflowers with sun and companies with clients, they are in the same way dependant.

Sometimes fields might need a little bit of extra help in growing the right way, so do companies with consultants; they are to be the good farmer.

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