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The Customer Centric Organization: The Big Data Organization

Written by Björn Neumann for Buljan & Partners Consulting

We definitely have reached a turning point. In the past we needed Customer Relationship Management to focus on, to analyze and to improve customer relations. Then we needed Business Intelligence (or better Customer Intelligence) to implement it (it should have been vice versa, but where people are involved, things not always run in a logical way). Then we noticed: it does not really work as expected! (At least from the customer point of view).

Now the customer outwits us with unorganized, unstructured, misspelled, divers interpretable and out of context information (therefore, instead of Big Data, I rather like to call it Bug Data). It is left in the World Wide Web e.g. on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Wikis, Blogs, … or somewhere else. And currently every second terabytes of data are created. Customer Intelligence farewell! Additionally this data is much more up-to-date than the information we have in our databases.

Big Data may be the turning point! And it is also the point, where we can do things much better than in the past.

If we really care about the relations with our customers and prospects, i.e. if we want the relations to be intelligent in both ways, and if we want to change our organization to a customer centric organization, our organization has to apply customer intelligence with Big Data. The concepts behind Big Data are not new, it is mainly the quantity, the location and the inexistent structure which is new and needs to be managed. Let me even predict that we have to change our organizations to better handle Big Data and to better deal with the ones who create that data.

But also keep in mind: Managing Big Data is a challenge and an opportunity not a new type of software or something you care for, because your competitors or your providers do. It is rather a philosophy to understand your current business relations. Big Data is not only big because of its volume but because of its relative extent compared to your business model. Big Data may be caused by Big Business, and – to close the circle – Big Business may have been the cause of Big (=Good) Customer Relationships. What do you think?


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