car client premium

Automotive | Customer Experience

Our client is a premium vehicle manufacturer and is amongst the top three brands worldwide. Its distribution model is through a network of dealers that are the main point of contact with the end customer. Read more

retail company

Retail | Customer Experience

The client is a 100 year old company and world leader selling branded luxury products (watches and jewellery). It has a retail distribution channel with 35 stores worldwide. Read more

industrial company category

Industrial | Customer Experience

The client is an industrial company with a 90-year history and is currently a world leader in its product category. It generates indirect sales through a network of highly qualified distributors. Read more

financial services 3 cases

Financial services (3 cases) | Customer Experience

Case 1

Our client offers credit financing for retail customers. It has two types of client: a) partners that offer our client’s financing to their own customers via the consumer products and services that they sell (for example, electronic devices, dental treatment…) and on the other hand there is financing for the end-user/ customer. Read more

air services company

Air Transport | Customer Experience

A company from the airline sector decided to carry out a customer-centric cultural transformation that included the following elements Read more

funeral services

Funeral Services | Customer Experience

We started collaborating to improve the experience of people who have lost a loved-one by encouraging the funeral home to put the family at the centre of their service. Read more


Insurance | Customer Experience

The client is a company in the insurance sector undergoing structural and cultural change concerning the way it interacts with its customers. Read more

Healthcare | Customer Experience


The client is a large insurance company. They contacted us when they were going through internal changes and needed a Customer Experience specialist to help them understand their customers’ situation and how processes and systems were managed in their organisation with special emphasis on the department that had been created to manage customers. Read more

Leaders also need support and recognition

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Any Project of transformational change requires the backing and commitment of the leaders in our businesses. This has been demonstrated and is indisputable. It is especially true when the change involves taking the business from product/services centric management to customer centric management, ensuring an excellent and differential customer experience. Read more

Why should you care about the customer life cycle?

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

foto ciclo vida

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

The Customer Lifetime Value is the value that a company gives to the
relationship with each individual customer. Because it is difficult to
predict the length and depth of these relationships, an estimate (the CLV)
is performed periodically help assess this aspect of client relations. Read more