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Automotive | Customer Experience

Our client is a premium vehicle manufacturer and is amongst the top three brands worldwide. Its distribution model is through a network of dealers that are the main point of contact with the end customer. Read more

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Designing Customer Experiences in the Retail Sector | Case Study

The client is a 100 year old company and world leader selling branded luxury products (watches and jewellery). It has a retail distribution channel with 35 stores worldwide.The company is currently growing and positioning itself as a brand with a leading-edge customer experience. The reasons they had for investing in Customer Experience were as follows:

  • The need to increase customer loyalty by offering unique experiences.
  • The need to give more value to human interaction, based on the experience and prestige of the brand and its employees.
  • The desire to create new services based on the needs of their customers.
  • The need to create greater access to a world of luxury experiences by reaching exclusive agreements with other luxury brands.

Our role was to build on our client’s vision of the in-store customer experience and reach a holistic vision of the experience, personalised according to each customer profile.

Customer Person Definition and Experience Design

As part of our service we designed a training program for store staff, defined the customer profiles, designed the experience for each customer profile and created a plan with the senior management team to implement these actions, with the relevant success indicators.

Customer experience in the Retail sector

The results obtained have been a more consolidated Customer Experience that is aligned with the brand promise and the brand values. The management team implemented the action plan and a team of in-store professionals have been able to convert the customer experience into a benchmark for the retail sector, with exceptional after-sales service for loyal customers who are looking for more than an in-store discount.

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Industrial Customer Engagement | Case Study

The client is an industrial company with a 90-year history and is currently a world leader in its product category. It generates indirect sales through a network of highly qualified distributors.The company finds itself at a time of cultural change and innovation with regard to the way it interacts with its end-customers. This has prompted the following needs:

  • New demands for product innovation while respecting the environment.
  • Increased contact with end-customers who previously interacted with the brand through their local distributor.
  • Greater use of digital channels and social networks by end-customers
  • New training for their dealer network

Reorienting the focus with our end customers

Our role was to accompany the client from the outset in order to understand how they operated and focus on the relationship with their end-customer. We were asked to re-orientate the way they interacted with their distributor network in order to meet new market requirements. At the same time we worked on the external customer perspective (distributors and end-customers) and the internal customer perspective (employees) to ensure a coherent customer and employee experience.

Evaluation of the Customer Journey through Executive Coaching

We supported the management during the whole project, and prepared awareness workshops for the senior and middle management teams. We held training sessions about customer treatment for the whole organization, defined the customer journey for distributors, created focus groups, held motivational workshops based on the needs of each department, supported teambuilding activities and gave individual coaching sessions for selected employees.

Implement Customer Engagement strategies

The result has been a more consolidated senior management team that is more aligned with its middle management team. There has been improved attention to the needs of distributors and an engagement strategy directed at the end customer. The client’s Voice of the Customer programme has shown improvements in both satisfaction and recommendation.

financial services 3 cases

Financial services (3 cases) | Customer Experience

Case 1: Mentoring on the internal and external customer experience

Our client offers credit financing for retail customers. It has two types of client: a) partners that offer our client’s financing to their own customers via the consumer products and services that they sell (for example, electronic devices, dental treatment…) and on the other hand there is financing for the end-user/ customer. Read more

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The Air Freight Customer Experience | Case Study

Customer Centric Cultural Transformation

A company from the airline sector decided to carry out a customer-centric cultural transformation that included the following elements:

  • Identifying the degree of customer orientation of each employee.
  • Creating awareness and understanding the impact of each role in the customer experience.
  • Specific training to generate memorable experiences alongside the procedures established by the company for each point of interaction along the Customer Journey.
  • Sustaining the change with monthly reminders about competence, skills, procedures for each department and for each person by means of an individual action plan.
  • And all this accompanied by gamification; a digitally based, cross-company motivational tool.

The customer experience as a strategic key

The objectives to be addressed with this cultural transformation are to understand the importance of Customer Experience as a strategic imperative for remaining competitive in this sector and how to translate this strategy into day-to-day operations and impact on the company’s culture and work practices.


funeral services

Customer Experience in Funeral Services | Case Study

We started collaborating to improve the experience of people who have lost a loved-one by encouraging the funeral home to put the family at the centre of their service.

Step by step of the customer experience

– We started by creating awareness about the opportunity to influence people who are going through a vital moment that they will never forget. We worked with them using the idea of the last farewell as a moment of closure and a decisive factor in the grieving process. We also encouraged them to take care of the experience of family members when they are at their most vulnerable.

– By applying our methodology, we identified different customer profiles, their emotions, beliefs and family context. We also analysed their individual customer journey and we met with families to define the experience in terms of their needs and expectations.

– We implemented structural changes in the company’s facilities and processes and worked with the management steering committee at a strategic level.

We trained and coached key people to ensure that change happened at all levels. We created a transformation centre and trained 500 people nationwide on how to perform within a customer-centric culture.

People: the heart of the customer experience

For us, this was an extremely rewarding project with results that go far beyond converting the customer experience into a competitive advantage at the economic level. We helped people feel good about working for a higher purpose; namely as “people at the service of people”.

The transformation is well under way. It will be an opportunity for the funeral company to offer its customers a profoundly human form of treatment that has been largely unknown in a sector that lately, has become very competitive.


Creating Customer Experience in the Insurance Sector | Case Study

The client is a company in the insurance sector undergoing structural and cultural change concerning the way it interacts with its customers. 

Initial analysis of the client’s situation

Demands for new services unrelated to their core products.

– New partners with different professional needs.

– Migration from a focus on technical product knowledge towards a focus on communication skills, sales assessment and greater empathy with customers.

– Creation of a new Customer Management Area.

Client Management Training

Our role was to support the creation of the Customer Management Area, to understand the training and development needs of the customer representatives working there and train them, both individually and collectively.

In the second phase, the same customer-focused vision was transmitted to the senior management team, with off-site awareness and alignment sessions as well as strategic and operational meetings focused on continued Customer Experience improvements.

This all resulted in the management team’s ” single voice” surrounding the importance of the customer experience in the organization, backed-up by the behaviour of managers who “walk the talk”. The company’s NPS score rose 15 points in 12 months.

Customer Experience in the Healthcare Sector | Case Study

The client is a large insurance company. They contacted us when they were going through internal changes and needed a Customer Experience specialist to help them understand their customers’ situation and how processes and systems were managed in their organisation with special emphasis on the department that had been created to manage customers.

Improving the customer experience in the healthcare sector

– The starting point was to identify the interaction points that customers had with the company that began with their need to take out insurance and ended at the moment they decided to cancel their policy.

We evaluated the customer experience at each interaction point and everything related to the emotional aspects of their employees such as customer treatment, professionalism and their level of knowledge.

– We worked side-by-side with different customer departments such as CRM, IT, Customer Services, Marketing and HR to identify current processes and analyse the customer focus of these processes.

Results of a good customer experience

As a result of the internal analysis we carried out and together with Voice of the Customer data, it was possible to identify areas for improvement, enable decisions to correct basic problems in the short term, as well as to create action plans to surprise the client with “Wow” moments.

Leaders also need support and recognition

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Any Project of transformational change requires the backing and commitment of the leaders in our businesses. This has been demonstrated and is indisputable. It is especially true when the change involves taking the business from product/services centric management to customer centric management, ensuring an excellent and differential customer experience. Read more

Why should you care about the customer life cycle?

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

foto ciclo vida

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

The Customer Lifetime Value is the value that a company gives to the
relationship with each individual customer. Because it is difficult to
predict the length and depth of these relationships, an estimate (the CLV)
is performed periodically help assess this aspect of client relations. Read more