Size Matters

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

This is quite obvious in many areas in life but it is not always considered in terms of companies. I was once asked: how long does it take to do this?”, and I answered: “well, it depends on your processes” (CRM mentality, of course).

And for sure processes involve people, time, resources, choices…. All of this we deal every day with. So the more parties you have in a decision, the longer it takes to decide.  Many parties might enrich the final decision / project, but maybe not.

How many emails do you receive a day so that you are informed about all actions being taken in your company? So either you are in a communication overload regardless of the company size or the company is just too big not allowing you to see more than you can read.

This is also a topic I once heard in an emotional intelligence course: “if you work on a big company, your life will be so (decision-making related); if you work on a small company, you can do this – in what type of company do you want to work?”

In Spain we say “good perfume is sold in small perfume bottles” meaning valuable things do not take much space. So…how difficult do you think it is to concentrate good specialized internal clients (as a synonym of task force)?

I also heard two more situations lately. Number one: “I have to hide, we have so many meetings because we have to have everyone involved in all decisions”. Number two: “the company is so big and has so many decision makers that I cannot even foresee when the decision will be made”. Have you also heard similar statements?

In today’s industry, the ability of counting on good specialized professionals is a plus and since time is money, can a blue chip afford to be dealing with similar long processes by another blue chip provider?

A big company might be like a big cruise ship (read on a text about IBM), “it may allow you to cross the ocean but in what measure is it able to modify its direction?”

So, does the size of a company affect you?


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