Designing Customer Experiences in the Retail Sector | Case Study

retail company

The client is a 100 year old company and world leader selling branded luxury products (watches and jewellery). It has a retail distribution channel with 35 stores worldwide.The company is currently growing and positioning itself as a brand with a leading-edge customer experience. The reasons they had for investing in Customer Experience were as follows:

  • The need to increase customer loyalty by offering unique experiences.
  • The need to give more value to human interaction, based on the experience and prestige of the brand and its employees.
  • The desire to create new services based on the needs of their customers.
  • The need to create greater access to a world of luxury experiences by reaching exclusive agreements with other luxury brands.

Our role was to build on our client’s vision of the in-store customer experience and reach a holistic vision of the experience, personalised according to each customer profile.

Customer Person Definition and Experience Design

As part of our service we designed a training program for store staff, defined the customer profiles, designed the experience for each customer profile and created a plan with the senior management team to implement these actions, with the relevant success indicators.

Customer experience in the Retail sector

The results obtained have been a more consolidated Customer Experience that is aligned with the brand promise and the brand values. The management team implemented the action plan and a team of in-store professionals have been able to convert the customer experience into a benchmark for the retail sector, with exceptional after-sales service for loyal customers who are looking for more than an in-store discount.

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