My top 10 Recommendations to Implement in Airlines

recomendaciones aerolineas


I would like to share with you some actions that, in my opinion, could be implemented in airline companies and that do not involve great costs, are easy to implement and aim to improve the customer experience:

1. Bereavement fare:

in the event of a family death and given that the tickets bought the day before are really expensive. In this possible contingency, passengers should have the option of a tariff adapted to their situation, not implying a great cost. This would show a great interest in the customers and their circumstances. The company could request written proof, and it would be a tariff similar to the “large family” one.

2. What if you are flying the day of your birthday?

If the company detects that you are flying the day of your birthday, wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer you to travel in business class or to receive an extra drink? The crew could also sing happy birthday to you! (It is not necessary that they look like Friday’s waiters) Airline companies collect a lot of information from us, so they could take advantage of that to offer a greater experience for the user.

3. Bottle of water for loyal clients.

First, considering that Cabify provides a bottle of water to each customer for a few euros, an airline could think about providing the same service to every customer with a loyalty account. In my perspective, this could be a good idea to attract new customers, apart from satisfying the current ones.

4. Eliminate unnecessary procedures.

Does the duty-free make any sense? Almost no one buys there. Additionally, I received a survey to complete each time that I fly, being a frequent flyer. Finally, don’t you find senseless that the business passengers get on the plane before a queue of 150 people? Tell me that I am not the only one.

5. Including new procedures.

For example, on a connecting flight that is delayed, the company could facilitate the plane change picking up the passengers in the runway and taking them to the other plane, although the suitcase arrives the day after (good idea in Lufthansa). The crew assistance is also susceptible to be improved when passengers get out of the plane, we usually see that the contact with the members of the crew is restricted to the flying hours. In KLM I could see two members of the crew getting out of the plane and guiding the passengers on their way to the suitcase collecting area or to the airport’s exit.

6. Improving the food service:

  • The food metal trolleys are usually full of blows, they could have a brand-customized cover to add a classy style to the service.
  • In general, food is delivered in a quick way, the service should be provided more calmly, it usually looks like a marathon. In Qatar Airways the service is excellent, I was really surprised with their food delivery.
  • The coffee is delivered right after the food. A second round of drinks (mainly bottles of water) would be appropriate given that the passengers are normally thirsty afterwards.
  • Wouldn’t it be a good idea to reach an agreement with Nespresso or Costa for the coffee?
  • In long-haul flights, if you are in the last row you get the food that is left.
  • The bread is usually not likely to be eaten.

7. Cleaner toilets:

When I am on a plane, I have the feeling that toilets are not completely cleaned, usually there is toilet paper or liquids on the floor. A more frequent review process should be implemented by the crew, although I feel that this is not their job or that they lack proactivity.

 8. Children reserved zone:

At the end of the plane, children altogether, in seats close to the toilets to avoid disturbing the rest of the passengers. As far as I know, just one company has carried out this strategy.

9. Platform to get to know the crew:

To increase the interest of the passengers for the company before the flight. It can be a reason to get a better connexion with the crew and to facilitate the interaction during the flight.

10. Make communications more attractive and practical:  

We receive emails based on offers, but nothing on experiences or on the best price on the dates to travel. I get offers all the time and I don’t think that everyone is traveling every weekend to Porto, Paris, London…

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