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Crm vs ccm

By Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners consulting

What is CCM (Customer Centric Management)? How does it differ from CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is closely linked to data, systems, technology, software, etc., CCM (Customer Centric Management) revolves around the customer. Although technology is also important in CCM, it needs to go a step further, given that, besides using technology, CCM requires a customer-oriented definition of processes. CCM also requires trained staff who can provide a good customer experience, since good customer service is always the objective. It is precisely a customer-based model rather than a product-based model what differentiates CCM and CRM.

What advantages do customers have when their supplier uses CCM?

They have a more sustainable business in the long term. Nowadays customers are very well-informed. They have high expectations of interactions and want to see that the promises we make through marketing, branding and advertising are delivered. If we do not deliver on our promises, customers have a bad experience and may speak badly of us.

What sort of companies is CCM profitable for?

Any company, because it is not about buying infrastructure in order to implement it, but rather understanding that everything you do should be designed from the customer’s view and not your view about the product or what you want to offer.

How and why did you start working in CCM, Silvana?

When I finished university I started working at one of the big consultancy firms, right when implementing CRM was in fashion in Europe. In the 90s, most companies implemented systems, they unified customer views with integrated databases. That was when I started working on this kind of projects and that is how I entered this world. We later widened our portfolio of services, because we realized that implementing only technology was not the solution to the problem. Having software does not mean that my company is customer oriented. That is why we have developed a methodology that allows companies to have a comprehensive view and put their customers first. I have been working in this sector since 1995, twenty years.

What would you recommend a client who would like to improve these services?

The best thing to do would be to start with the management board, whether it is a big or a small company, in order to understand the customer’s role in the company, in the business strategy, whether the customer is taken into account in the business strategy plan, in our vision, in our corporate values, etc. Then we carry out a diagnosis, analyzing the current situation, we design the customer journey, etc.

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Silvana Buljan is founding partner of Buljan & Partners Consulting and Service Line leader for Customer Centric Management Leadership. Silvana is a specialist in design and implementation of Customer Centricity, Customer Experience, CRM, Project Management, Organizational Change, and Executive Training & Coaching projects across several industries since 1998.

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