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Investment in Customer Experience: Threat or opportunity during economic downtimes?

We have a new external fact that has a huge impact on our customer relationships: the appearance of Covid-19 and its consequences for the global economy, society and business. We have no choice but use this new reality to re-think the role of…
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Employees behind the screens: Leadership during Covid-19

Covid-19 has recently turned our world upside-down. The daily routine of employees is no longer the same. We observe that employees have accepted this new situation because they were forced to, and because they thought working under these exceptional…

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Do you know where to start?

Defining the quality of a service and turn it into one without competition is not easy at all. But it is possible if you spend on time the best process of continuous improvement in your company. In a world with so many options and information,…
project management


We would like to share with you the clues that have worked for us regarding project management in our company. This is a reflection based on our experience that includes best practices and lessons learned and we hope you will be able to implement…
customer centric skills


We believe we are not wrong if… We affirm that in any moment of the relations with your clients, you have felt frustrated, nervous or blocked. Maybe because you were not able to close a budget you prepared carefully. Or maybe because the…
working team


Even though the individual skills of workers enhance the quality of a good working team, it is the unity of the team the characteristic that will help achieve better results.     What is teamwork? When we interview a…

The Magic of customer Impact Management

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting Today the majority of businesses continue to be structured in a traditional manner, either through an organizational chart or a mixed approach (a combination of conventional methods…
customer emotions
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Managing emotions in stressful situation for clients

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting The words "managing customers’ emotions" are tremendously attractive to companies and there is no doubt that they are key to establishing an emotional bond with customers. What…
touchpoint organization

Our visit to a touchpoint organization

Written by Raquel Calleja for Buljan & Partners Consulting This year marks the 15th anniversary of Buljan & Partners Consulting and as part of the commemorative events we’ve arranged visits to some companies of reference in CX like…

Apple, the best customer experience?

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting In my opinion, it is difficult to find a remarkable customer experience in product centric sectors. There are some automotive companies with a genuine interest in customers' concerns,…
Customer Experience with your partner
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A seamless Customer Experience between you and your partner

By Buljan & Partners Consulting The practice of paying for a service after using it ("pay-per-use model") is becoming increasingly popular in current society. End customers and users are setting the pace of this trend as we can see in…
Net Promoter Score resultrs

Are brands and employees manipulating NPS® results?

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting We all know that the NPS® metric (Net Promoter Score) is commonly used by companies as a reference to measure customer experience with a single question: Would you recommend the…
Customer Journey as a present

A New Year´s present for Aramon

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting   Customers often give free advice to the companies that supply them. So do I, especially when I really care and really believe in the company I am writing about. Or because the…
regain customer trust

7 tips to regain your customer's trust

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting On Saturday, October 3rd, the Spanish press released the initiative of the Volkswagen group to create a customer call service for those affected by the scandal related to diesel…

“What I talk about when I talk about CRM”

The title of this article is inspired by Haruki Murakami´s book title “what I talk about when I talk about running”. I am not pretending to be a CRM all-terrain expert. When I talk about CRM I prefer to focus on “fit to process”, the…
CRM 2015 Las Vegas

We´ll be attending #CRM2015 in Las Vegas!

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting At the end of March, one of the biggest CRM events takes place in Las Vegas: CRM2015 by SAP Insider. An excellent occasion for Buljan & Partners Consulting to once more travel…