Love and you will conquer your client

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

Photo source: bigdifferencemarketing.com

Paulo Coelho posted in his Facebook wall the following – People who love in the expectation of being loved in return are wasting their time. He is explaining a situation that in real life happens but not many people are conscious of.

Paulo Coelho´s message can be carried to a business environment in two ways:

Firstly, CRM essentially focuses on managing the customer relationship in “a two-way street”, delivering value to the customer and the company. The reality is quite different, most of companies act rationally but they don’t realise that clients are emotional – we are all human beings!. This is a gap or a misunderstanding which can create a bad experience for the client.

There are a few examples in a customer´s day to day which can make this viewpoint clear:

  • Why do we receive commercial calls at lunch, dinner time or even on weekends?
  • How long is the way to solve problems which in many cases customers have to push to solve instead of the companies, showing interest to find a solution?
  • How many promotions do we receive already offering known special conditions or having expired?

The conclusion is that in real life companies think in monetary benefits and customers think in satisfaction with the product or service. If companies would align both concepts we actually would have many success cases!

The second part of Paulo Coelho’s message is the word people, this is the key point in life and of course in CRM. It is in our hands to create memorable experiences for the client!. Most of employees who are working at retail or are attending our calls are part of the image of the company’s brand. But in most of the cases there is a lack of understanding with the customer. The missing point here is the excess interest shown by the employee to sell or the lack of interest of giving any decent service to the client.

It is well known that companies have internal problems, with employees who are unhappy or are apathetic in their day by day but keep in mind the effects and the impact on the customer.

It’s necessary to align people with people, or employees with customers. Education received at home and personal values acquired in life are key factors to consider in HR management.

Finally, I would suggest to the companies to love customers in another way, because some of these companies are wasting their time and their money on big CRM projects that focus on the wrong things.

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