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internship at buljan and partners

Written by Monika Meier, Roberto Hernández and Mona Mueller for Buljan & Partners Consulting


Monika’s experience at Buljan & Partners

Hello, good morning… My name is Monika, I am 20 years old and I am studying International Business in Madrid. The dual training programme I am carrying out allows me to work both the theoretical and practical aspects. I am experiencing the latter at Buljan & Partners Consulting. So, what do you think an intern at our office does? That they just make photocopies and coffee? No, not at all. The work is very diverse and stimulating, believe me, you never get bored. As an intern over the last six months, I have worked in human resources, marketing and back office, as well as taking part in and learning from customer centric projects.

Right now I am supporting our business areas. However, the day-to-day is much more than just work: friendly and motivated colleagues, a pleasant environment, new challenges, interesting conversations and a place that inspires you to work. Above all, I have enjoyed the team spirit and the responsibility and trust I have received at work. It is a very positive experience.

Monika Meier, Germany

Is Buljan & Partners a good career choice? Roberto’s experience

At Buljan & Partners Consulting I have had the chance to work in a team that lives for Customer Centric Management. After having worked in the United States for six years in sectors where the customer is not the company’s main focus, I have seen that not focusing on the customer could lead to a negative impact on the financial results. At Buljan & Partners Consulting I have learnt a new method on how companies should focus on their customers.

Buljan & Partners Consulting has helped me expand my knowledge of the holistic approach in cultural transformation to innovate in a company and make it more Customer Centric. I hope to continue contributing experience and learning to improve the processes and implementation of technologies to thus continue to help companies put their customers first.

Roberto Hernández is an MBA graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has six years experience in consultancy.

Roberto Hernández, USA

The career progression of Mona intern at Buljan & Partners

Last year I did an internship at Buljan & Partners Consulting and, among other things, this is what I learnt during that time:

Thanks to Buljan & Partners Consulting I can now say I know exactly what it means to be a customer centric company. Moreover, thanks to my colleagues I learnt all the theory and methods on the subject and, in my opinion, what’s most important is that I can apply it to my everyday tasks. During every aspect of the business, each team member always keeps the customer in mind and at the same time thinks about the team. And this is what sets them apart. Therefore, working at Buljan & Partners Consulting has taught me what a customer centric company really is, and I am very grateful to everyone for this!
I will take this philosophy to whichever company I work at in the future and I will always try to exceed my customers’ and colleagues’ expectations.

Mona Mueller, Germany

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