Creating Customer Experience in the Insurance Sector | Case Study


The client is a company in the insurance sector undergoing structural and cultural change concerning the way it interacts with its customers. 

Initial analysis of the client’s situation

Demands for new services unrelated to their core products.

– New partners with different professional needs.

– Migration from a focus on technical product knowledge towards a focus on communication skills, sales assessment and greater empathy with customers.

– Creation of a new Customer Management Area.

Client Management Training

Our role was to support the creation of the Customer Management Area, to understand the training and development needs of the customer representatives working there and train them, both individually and collectively.

In the second phase, the same customer-focused vision was transmitted to the senior management team, with off-site awareness and alignment sessions as well as strategic and operational meetings focused on continued Customer Experience improvements.

This all resulted in the management team’s ” single voice” surrounding the importance of the customer experience in the organization, backed-up by the behaviour of managers who “walk the talk”. The company’s NPS score rose 15 points in 12 months.

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