Industrial Customer Engagement | Case Study

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The client is an industrial company with a 90-year history and is currently a world leader in its product category. It generates indirect sales through a network of highly qualified distributors.The company finds itself at a time of cultural change and innovation with regard to the way it interacts with its end-customers. This has prompted the following needs:

  • New demands for product innovation while respecting the environment.
  • Increased contact with end-customers who previously interacted with the brand through their local distributor.
  • Greater use of digital channels and social networks by end-customers
  • New training for their dealer network

Reorienting the focus with our end customers

Our role was to accompany the client from the outset in order to understand how they operated and focus on the relationship with their end-customer. We were asked to re-orientate the way they interacted with their distributor network in order to meet new market requirements. At the same time we worked on the external customer perspective (distributors and end-customers) and the internal customer perspective (employees) to ensure a coherent customer and employee experience.

Evaluation of the Customer Journey through Executive Coaching

We supported the management during the whole project, and prepared awareness workshops for the senior and middle management teams. We held training sessions about customer treatment for the whole organization, defined the customer journey for distributors, created focus groups, held motivational workshops based on the needs of each department, supported teambuilding activities and gave individual coaching sessions for selected employees.

Implement Customer Engagement strategies

The result has been a more consolidated senior management team that is more aligned with its middle management team. There has been improved attention to the needs of distributors and an engagement strategy directed at the end customer. The client’s Voice of the Customer programme has shown improvements in both satisfaction and recommendation.

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