HyperloopTT selects Buljan&Partners Consulting as a contribution partner for the development of the Customer Experience

hyperloop tren supersónico

We are delighted and proud! It is an honour and a great opportunity to be part of a project that will change the way we travel and enjoy the latest technological advances in mobility. HyperloopTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) has placed their trust in us to develop the experience of their customers – the passengers – in order to make a difference in the industry.

Who wouldn’t be the least bit curious to join in the development of a revolutionary vehicle?

A supersonic train to travel through a sensorized vacuum tube We sure would!

hyperloop transport technologies                                                                                                                                     

Buljan&Partners Consulting’s mission is the ideation and design of the passenger’s experience with HyperloopTT during their entire Customer Journey. These capsules will transport people between different geographical locations. According to the creators, it is expected to reach a speed of 1.220km/hour. For example, a journey between two cities that nowadays takes more than 1 hour by car with the Hyperloop would be reduced to about 12 minutes.


Source: HyperloopTT


What is our goal? To design a mega-fluid, personalized, intelligent and comfortable travel experience at all touchpoints that the passenger has with the company: with employees, during the booking process, at the boarding station, inside the capsule, upon arrival at the destination, etc. An uncomplicated, streamlined, stressless experience and in which the borders between the offline and online world are blurred.


Source: HyperloopTT


According to our CEO, Silvana Buljan:

“This collaboration opens up a new space for adding value to our clients, from the creation of their relationship model with their future clients to the alignment of all operational processes and employees in the delivery of a differential and memorable experience”.


We invite you to embark on our journey with HyperloopTT and – when it’s time for the arrival of the supersonic train – climb on board for this ride of a lifetime!


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