How is CCM understood in other parts of the globe?

Written by Buljan & Partners Consulting

“A few months ago, I experienced a great jungle trek in the Northern of Laos. The agency I was trekking with was very professional, not only during the experience itself, but also at every stage of the “customer lifecycle”, from the follow-up on the first information provided to the customer satisfaction survey they provided after the trek. Yes, it seemed definitely possible to develop a customer relationship management in remote place like Northern Laos, with neither CRM systems nor good Internet connections… simply with a great team.

Coming back from the trek, I was amused (as the other Western participants) to see the following message on the counter of the agency:

“If you had a problem with your trip and want to talk about it. We ask that you follow some simple advice before discussing it with us:

–       Be well feed
–       Be rested
–       Be clear about what the real problem was
–       Be respectful
–       Be patient
–       Be reasonable”.

Could we ever think about introducing these Buddhist-influenced prerequisites for submitting a complaint in our Western countries? How would we react as a customer if a call center agent advised us to take a nap and have a good dinner before calling again and report the problem we face?”


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