How do internal clients feel about client centricity

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Society progresses, needs change, mentality evolves – and we know this very clearly when we think about clients. But do companies think of their own internal clients (=employees)? Employee commitment and affection to a company are a strong prescription for clients to buy a product or service. Some companies are learning that a motivated employee is not only more productive but will also recommend the product or service to everyone.

Employee profiles can be all very different. But what is important is that any employee has a feeling of liking the place they are working in, and the activities they are involved in.

 The following 4 steps are key to obtain this employee commitment:

  • Let your employees know about your strategy
  • Let them have a commitment with it
  • Let them enjoy what they sell or do
  • Let them innovate

Thus, let them participate in the company in a fun but professional way!

Some companies even pay extra money to employees who wish to leave the company because are not happy with what they are doing. It is not positive to have an employee in the company just because they fear they will not have any income in the period they look for a new job.

Corporate cultural fit is an important factor, and this is something that is often overlooked when people are hired. Too often we look only at the professional skills, and not at cultural aspects.

Employees who are committed with the company’s strategy are more likely to take it as a personal responsibility. Employees empowered to give solutions and innovate will do more effort to reach client satisfaction and exceed expectations. Thus, they will not only value their wage but also their time at work.

At the same time every contact with a client is an opportunity to sell. Then, why missing it by not having motivated employees? Employees who feel happy at work will empathize with what they are selling since they have a positive conception of the product or service, the brand and the company.

Zappos’ employees are an example of this. Check this Video!

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