Customer Experience in the Healthcare Sector | Case Study

The client is a large insurance company. They contacted us when they were going through internal changes and needed a Customer Experience specialist to help them understand their customers’ situation and how processes and systems were managed in their organisation with special emphasis on the department that had been created to manage customers.

Improving the customer experience in the healthcare sector

– The starting point was to identify the interaction points that customers had with the company that began with their need to take out insurance and ended at the moment they decided to cancel their policy.

We evaluated the customer experience at each interaction point and everything related to the emotional aspects of their employees such as customer treatment, professionalism and their level of knowledge.

– We worked side-by-side with different customer departments such as CRM, IT, Customer Services, Marketing and HR to identify current processes and analyse the customer focus of these processes.

Results of a good customer experience

As a result of the internal analysis we carried out and together with Voice of the Customer data, it was possible to identify areas for improvement, enable decisions to correct basic problems in the short term, as well as to create action plans to surprise the client with “Wow” moments.

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