Half of Spanish Companies do not have a Defined Customer Journey

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Here, we continue to provide data collected in the “First maturity research on brand experience in Spanish companies”, spearheaded by Buljan & Partners Consulting, Leading Brands of Spain Forum (https://www.marcasrenombradas.com/) and  ESADE.

Although the research measured the maturity of experiences in different areas, such as strategy, HR, procedures, metrics etc., in today’s post we will delve deeper into the data related to the maturity of the Customer Journey.

The title of the article is resoundingly clear: half of companies do not have a defined Customer Journey. The Customer Journey is understood as being the representation of all the contact points that a customer has with a company, being defined from their point of view, and not from a procedural point of view.

The research data would appear to suggest that the glass is half full, which ordinarily would be good news, however, there are still 50% of companies which are yet to incorporate Customer Experience as a differentiating factor into the Customer Journey. This is significant as the Customer Journey is a key tool in Customer Experience, and it is the foundation from which internal procedures can further develop.

The second question on Customer Journey arising from the research asks is if a company has a specific Customer Journey for each related sector. The data collected is less decisive than for the first question but is just as meaningful as it shows a level of superior maturity. A little over a third of companies have a specific sectoral definition, which helps provide their customers with more personalised experiences, gaining their loyalty and increasing their trust and value in the company.

The importance of the Customer Journey within the Company

In conclusion, I would say that Spanish companies have already invested significant time in implementing actions to improve Customer Experience, and this is reflected in the defining of foundations and the work carried out within their sectors. I would also add that, due to not finding any other related data in Europe, Spain appears to be one of the countries that is most keen on the implementation of Customer Journey and Customer Experience initiatives, though there is still work to do in this regard.

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Miguel Sanz is a Customer Experience Management expert and has experience in CRM and Project Management in various different industries dating back to 2009. Find out more about Miguel:

Access the full report here: marcasrenombradas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ESTUDIO-DE-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-CLIENTE-A-LA-EXPERIENCIA-DE-MARCA.pdf

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