Customer Experience in Funeral Services | Case Study

funeral services

We started collaborating to improve the experience of people who have lost a loved-one by encouraging the funeral home to put the family at the centre of their service.

Step by step of the customer experience

– We started by creating awareness about the opportunity to influence people who are going through a vital moment that they will never forget. We worked with them using the idea of the last farewell as a moment of closure and a decisive factor in the grieving process. We also encouraged them to take care of the experience of family members when they are at their most vulnerable.

– By applying our methodology, we identified different customer profiles, their emotions, beliefs and family context. We also analysed their individual customer journey and we met with families to define the experience in terms of their needs and expectations.

– We implemented structural changes in the company’s facilities and processes and worked with the management steering committee at a strategic level.

We trained and coached key people to ensure that change happens at all levels. We created a transformation centre and trained 500 people nationwide on how to perform within a customer-centric culture.

People: the heart of the customer experience

For us, this was an extremely rewarding project with results that go far beyond converting the customer experience into a competitive advantage at the economic level. We helped people feel good about working for a higher purpose; namely as “people at the service of people”.

The transformation is well under way. It will be an opportunity for the funeral company to offer its customers a profoundly human form of treatment that has been largely unknown in a sector that lately, has become very competitive.

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