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financial services 3 cases

Case 1: Mentoring on the internal and external customer experience

Our client offers credit financing for retail customers. It has two types of client: a) partners that offer our client’s financing to their own customers via the consumer products and services that they sell (for example, electronic devices, dental treatment…) and on the other hand there is financing for the end-user/ customer.

They wanted to invest in improving the experience of their customers. Not because customers were unhappy, but simply in order to increase their level of service excellence. This led them to contact the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC), a partner organisation through which we also offer certification on the fundamental principles of Customer Experience, in-company Customer Experience training, and whose content is 100% adapted to the needs of customers.

Together with the AEC, we designed a 3-day course for customer service representatives and delegates from other departments who have direct or indirect contact with the customer, such as sales representatives, risk analysts, accountants and IT personnel.

After the course, in which they learned not only the principles of Customer Experience but also mapped out their own Customer Journey, they formed a group of Customer Experience  ambassadors and got back in touch with us to help them with their new project.

It was very important for our client to have an action plan for both internal and external client areas, which the ambassadors were responsible for developing. The solution we offered was Customer Experience Mentoring with occasional support as mentors for the team of ambassadors, to help them achieve their goals and keep the momentum going inside the company with practical advice, reviews of their proposals and Customer Experience updates.

The results so far have been tremendous. The team is 100% in charge of the initiatives in their action plan, the perception of the internal customer experience has improved and we are now fully-focused on actions to improve the existing customer journeys. There are now proper ambassadors, responsible for their own initiatives who know that customers have already noticed the results of their work. The project is still underway, so we’ll tell you more as soon as we can!

Case 2: Project management in a financial services multinational

Our client is a multinational financial services company linked to an automotive brand, undergoing a complete digital transformation. One of the initiatives in this digital transformation involved setting up of a web portal for customers, which gives them a self-service solution for commonly-used tasks such as changes in contact details, changes of payment dates, downloading documentation, financial simulations for early cancellations or simply sending a question to the call centre.

Our client has been working with us for many years and values very highly ​​our ability to manage complex projects, as well as our expertise in designing customer-centric processes. They hired us to run their Project Management Office and perform process consulting.

Results: The new portal is underway and fully functional, as per specification. The number of users grows every day and the workload of the customer service team has dropped as they no longer have to answer simple, repetitive questions and can focus attention on more complex incidents.

Case 3: Turning the critical points of the Customer Experience into trust

Our client is the Spanish headquarters of one of the largest banks in Europe. They contacted us, following a recommendation, about training their team of risk assessors. Their aim was to improve the management of customers at difficult moments such as when their credit request has been denied after a risk analysis that resulted in a negative rating. As this is a critical moment in the customer journey, it requires empathy and considerable oral and written communication skills. In addition, it was important to make them see that handling difficult situations with their customers is not always a bad thing, and if well managed they can even strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Results: The course received high acclaim from the participants, led to an increase in staff confidence about facing difficult challenges, and left customers much happier with the explanations and attention received.

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