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Exceeding Expectations

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Exceeding Expectations is the situation when results are above and beyond in the customer journey.

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them”. “Surpassing expectations on the service side means that your people understand what your brand stands for, that they are proud of it and will go the extra mile to make sure that your customers are happy”.

Richard Branson

Some easy questions to start thinking whether you deliver the desired result and whether it can be improved:

  • What is the price you ask for?
  • What quality of product and/or service do you receive?
  • What are the touch points in your customer relationship? How are they handled?
  • Do employees and customers have a similar feeling about how service is delivered?
  • Would employees be willing to receive that same service? Are they willing to provide a higher standard one?
  • Has the product or service added value?
  • How often do customers get surprised?
  • Do customers have the feeling they receive more for what they paid?
  • Do customers get problems solved and not only but also additional ones?
  • Is it clear to your staff whom they should be making happy (customer)?
  • Are you measuring this?

It is also important what competitors offer. Are your employees having this product or service at a competitor and analyzing best practices?

So, how is it possible to exceed expectations? The best way is to surprise your customer and be helpful.

And how do you match obtaining the best results “doing the right things right”? It is not about having higher operational costs but about a acting in a customer centric way.

It is necessary to align processes, technology (CRM systems), HR (hiring, training and management) leadership. Why?

PROCESSES are the mechanical steps companies behave in order to take actions. It is like the right way to move when you perform a certain sport.

CUSTOMER TECHNOLOGY is the management tool helping you to consider and analyze the relationship you have with your client. It helps to measure and take correction decisions.

HR is the “executive muscle”, is the face in contact with another person, is the ear listening to customers problems (such as CIC), is the staff accompanying your customers all along the way (air hostesses, for example). So nothing of the rest works if happiness is not delivered.

LEADERSHIP is the axing initiative to push all the rest in the right direction. It is necessary that a Customer Centric initiative is coordinated and well calibrated to obtain results.

Changes are not always easy to face. Every company lives a certain harmony and often an external force (consultants) is required to push change and conduct resistance.

It is all about exceeding expectations.


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