Engaged, Loyal or Addicted?

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting

A personal story about my “Nespresso-itis”

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It usually helps understanding the effects of Customer Centricity just by analysing one’s own experiences as a customer. I recently asked myself the following question: Having been a Nespresso customer for more than 3 years and having spent more on coffee then on my mobile phone bills:

  • Is it because of George Clooney?
  • Is it because the coffee is just better than the alternatives?
  • Is it because of their easy to access sales channels?
  • Is it because of the brand image?
  • Is it because of their Customer Centric attitude?

It is a bit of everything. They apply a customer centric business model that works.

Sure, having ads with Clooney helps. But that alone would not do the trick for me and probably most other customers. For me it is about having a brand promise and sticking by it, and it’s about meeting my expectations on what has been promised throuhg what is delivered on product, service and experience level.

The whole “lovestory” with Nespresso began by me being tempted by a very attractive Christmas promotion by Nespresso with a discounted machine. As a consequence I said good-bye – with certain sadness – to my old espresso machine.

The first Nespresso machine led to the next. Now I have Nespresso at home, at work, I even carry capsules in my travel-trolley just in case I get to travel somewhere where I can use them. Wouldn’t you call that silly? Still I do not feel ashamed, but rather proud instead.

Let me summarise what I think companies can learn from the Nespresso model:

  • A clear and attractive brand promise. Nice colours, “feeling good” and “boutique” atmosphere. This generates a great setting.
  • Beautiful stores with service oriented staff. There are not that many shops, so going there could be taken as an “excursion”. Queuing becomes fun. Have a coffee while you wait, smell, see, hear and feel the brand promise being fulfilled. Learn about flavours when the staff members explain old and new flavours to the customers ahead of you in the queue.
  • Once you are a member, on-line ordering is easy and a perfect option for those of us who do not have time or opportunity for the in-store experience. You can just replicate your last order and pay. It only takes a minute and I love it.
  • Making me feel valued: Just a month ago, one day after having placed a big order, I got a call from Nespresso that because of the fact that I had been with them for more than 3 years and had ordered a certain steady amount of € in coffee with them, I was offered a free machine with my next order, but only if that order was of a certain considerable size, and I had to decide within the next few days.

Guess what, I accepted the offer. They made me spent 200€ on 2 orders within 1 week because I felt important. I am giving my old but still functioning machine away, thus creating a new customer for Nespresso. This is what all companies want, isn´t it? And I, valued customer, am prepared to give it because I think they deserve it.

Coming back to the title of this post, who wants to give me the answer? Am I engaged, loyal or just addicted to Nespresso? I would love to find out what you think, and I challenge you to find out how this can help you in YOUR business.

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