Employee Experience as driver for talent attraction and management

experiencia empleado gestion talento

Recently many organizations that are not “born digital” face challenges to be an attractive employer for the most talented people. Strategies to attract and retain talent are going further than investing in recruiting and employer branding campaigns, or strategic alliances with top universities and business schools.

This post aims to share some ideas both leading multinational companies as Bosch or Iberdrola as well as family run companies and SMB´s are taking care of to be the most attractive employers to gain the battle of “war for talent”.


It all starts with investing in a clear positioning in purpose, mission and vision. What the company stands for, what other objective than generating profit is linked to the purpose, what difference the company makes in our current world of VUCA and constant change, and how it contributes to society are key elements talent cares about. Of course a decent and fair economic retribution is the first hygienic factor to fulfill, nevertheless these strategic questions are addressed in the majority of recruiting interviews with a demanding attitude HR professionals are observing in candidates.

The second top priority is culture and “how we do things here”. Talent is not looking for restrictive rules that lack transparency and motivation to go further. Click To Tweet Talent looks for working environments where each individual is respected independent of hierarchy or seniority, where organizing per objectives is valued rather than fulfilling working hours, and where innovation is not concentrated in one department but open to anyone.

Iberdrola, a Spanish multinational energy provider, has diversified its talent management strategy converting a rather “local leading culture” into a global leadership framework that permits talent to have a clear career path and open environment for development. They have detected that their employees were asking for more flexible working hours, measures to have a better work-life balance, a lean organizational structure with transparency and empowerment, and Iberdrola is continuously working on this cultural and structural change in their company.

Binding talent in an early stage and investing in employee experience is the strategy Bosch has chosen. The traditional approach of the dual training and certification process that supports talent in both studying and working in a real environment is the basis for recruiting and assuring that talent has the cultural mindset and attitude Bosch is looking for. Employee Experience measures are based on the company´s values that have been initially defined by its founder Robert Bosch. Even if being a global top industry player, the company has preserved its founding principles and values that put the human being in the center of all activities.

But not only the leading global companies of the world have discovered employee experience as critical success factor for talent management, family run businesses and SMB´s strive for it, as well!

A great example to share is the German leading “Mittelstand” company Andreas Stihl, its chain chaws are world famous and leading sales all over the world. The company is almost 100 years old and still sticks to the values of its founder whose family still runs the company from generation to generation. Employee Experience is understood as a must for the whole organization where trust, empowerment, liberty for innovation and digitalization are not only put on the wall in nice posters, it is lived and part of the company´s growth strategy. This leads to a structural change in all main business processes regarding digital transformation and all HR processes considering the demands of new talent. Here, tradition characterized by a centenary business record meets the challenges of the future. This is possible because purpose and values are not touched and maintained as key value for human interactions and development.

Hearing about these examples lets us think that it all sounds that easy… and yes, it is easy if a company is consistent about its purpose, values and culture! The moment culture depends on who the CEO is the company faces a serious problem. Especially if CEO´s change every 4 years. Purpose and culture based on employee experience are untouchable if an organization wants to have motivated and committed talent, because talent has the choice and actively leaves environments that do not fulfill their brand promise linked to purpose and culture. This is a fact. Talent has no mercy when it comes to commitment. And this is another change top companies are facing, because our parents would stay in the same company forever, this is rare in our current world and will probably never come back.

Putting employees at the same level of importance as customers and business results is key to designing an employee experience strategy that helps organizations to attract and keep the best talent.

See you in the next post!


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