Emotional Intelligence in companies

If there is a factor that is and will differ us from robots that may substitute us in our jobs, is intelligence. Or more specifically, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Do you use it in your work?

Rosa is a very intelligent woman. She graduated on Communication and Marketing, completed two masters, and, of course, she seems the perfect candidate to lead your marketing department once you saw her resume. However, Rosa has a small big problem: she barely listens to her co-workers when they require her, and her empathy is the same as the one of a bean. And, of course, the situation is not easy. Yes, Rosa is intelligent, but lacks EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.



The 5 principles of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in the work life

Nowadays, companies have realized that there is a very important factor when it comes to lead a team the best way possible, being five the key aspects of this highly-valued capacity.

Emotional Intelligence in personal life, as well as in work life, is based on the next aspects that must be evaluated:

  • Self-awareness: consists on the autonomous capacity to recognize personal emotions, manage them and know where their limits are. For example, discovering that the bad labor management of an employee is because of his/her recent divorce and being able to manage it.
  • Self-regulation: this aspect refers to the analysis of our emotions and the necessity to control them. For instance, know when to separate private from work life as soon as you get to the office.
  • Motivation: motivation is born from the correct management of objectives and the rewards concerning the work space.
  • Empathy: this aspect depends from the other person and his/her capacity to understand the problems of a colleague that does not know how to manage his/her emotions or the stress caused by the professional scenario.
  • Communication: How does Rosa interact with her colleagues? Could she be more thoughtful? Express better her dissatisfactions? Should she take a break from work? In order to answer all these questions, there is the need to apply certain methodologies when understanding a person and applying results for the benefit of the team.


How to manage EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in companies

During the last years, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in the corporate field has turned into one more objective to explore, especially when it has been proven that the satisfaction of a team will mean better results for the relation, service and feedback of our customers.

In addition to the personal work, the organization shall give trainings on communicative skills. Self-assessments have become a good way to understand the employee and help him open to the rest of his/her colleagues.

On the other hand, the proposal of yoga and mindfulness workshops, week-end company trips to cottages or DISC methodologies allow us look into the emotions of employees when trying to understand the employee, allow him a break or discover how to manage his/her emotions in contrast to the rest of the team.

If you want to deepen on the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of your company, we might help you in your mission, aiming fore creativity and professionality with the objective to achieve the best teams possible.

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