New generations take for granted that companies offer them an authentic service and a rapid resolution of their queries with integrity and using the latest technology. The education sector is adapting to new needs listening to them with empathy and common sense. We are proud to be part of the collaboration with CEU San Pablo elementary and secondary schools.

Objective of the project:

Change the current system for collecting Voice of the Customer, in order to identify the greatest gaps between the expectations of parents and pupils and their reality with respect to the educational system they perceive at CEU San Pablo.

Understand the current and future needs of parents and students to increase the quality of primary and secondary education. The focus is on caring for their families, being more innovative and agile and adapting to the VUCA environment (including the pandemic) considering the sensitive touchpoints in their Customer Journey.

Additionally, we want to evaluate the Covid-19 measures implemented as a basis for the creation of new education models.

Together with the CEU San Pablo team and 9 schools of the CEU San Pablo group nationwide, we have been able to:

  • Define Customer Journey and a Customer Personas segmentation for both parents and students in various workshops with the support of the educational and administrative team of the participating schools in a hybrid format.
  • Validate the results with selected groups of parents and current students from different educational cycles and in online format.
  • Prepare and implement online surveys for parents and students to analyze their expectations and current satisfaction.
  • Analyze the survey results, create a personalized report that includes a list of the 10 most and least important and exciting moments for parents and students, as well as personalized conclusions and recommendations.
  • Co-create with the principals of the schools to determine an action plan for the new model of education.

We appreciate the opportunity to accompany CEU San Pablo Colegios in its transformation of the Parent and Student Experience. With an excellent teamwork and participation of the entire CEU team in the different schools we have managed to break existing patterns.