Customer Happiness Director

What is the Happiness Director?

Happiness is the most desired state in the world. We want to be happy in our love life, when we are on vacation, with our friends, familiars and work colleagues, but what happens with clients? Do we even know if those people that are receiving a service from us are totally satisfied? Are they happy with the result?

The Happiness Director or Customer Happiness Director is a new career profile aimed to assure satisfaction (and happiness) of the employee, and also the clients. How? Releasing all tasks possible to focus on consultancy work that focuses on the biggest dangers of any company: the lack of proactivity and stagnation of the services offered to the client.

But, how does the Director do it?

Functions of the Happiness Director

One of the main functions of the Happiness Director consist on guaranteeing that all team members perform tasks focused on the client: from the process control to selection of profiles for the company. These aspects are born from the total satisfaction of the employee within his/her working space.

A positive atmosphere enhanced by a Happiness Director that, through surveys, private and group meetings, workshops of any nature (from mindfulness to corporate culture) or outdoor activities such as camps or open-air journeys, contribute to the total satisfaction of your employees.

A situation that positively affects the development of the organization, will also impact on the satisfaction of clients whose feedback will be essential when measuring those aspects to improve both for the team and the company. This feedback can be obtained through satisfaction surveys or the so-called focus groups, ideal to analyze the opinions of one concrete type of public.

Once the feedback is obtained and the control of the company is kept, the product is adapted to customer expectations, contributing to the creation of a long-term relationship in which both parts will obtain benefits.


Companies that count with a Happiness Director

For the last several years, there have been more companies that have a Happiness Director among the company’s staff. It is a new tendency that confirms the vision of many brands of obtaining optimal results concerting the relations between the team, product, corporate strategy and client.

La Tienda Home, company focused on the online sale of furniture, is one of the best examples to follow, María Soria, responsible of the Human Resources department, affirms that the company’s adaptation to the client is the most important aspect, being their system of communication one of the most efficient of our country.

Also, Laboratorios Quinton, counts with employees with values, being emotional intelligence one of the key factors and perfect measurer of a 95% of satisfied staff after Quinton Program: the Well-being Laboratory.

Another example is Buljan&Partners, brand specialized in Customer Centric Management, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Patient Centricity, aspects that also nurture from the presence of a perfect Happiness Director that your company needs. One solution that means only the top of the iceberg, full of great intentions and better results.

We may help you with the implementation of your future Department of Happiness. Would you like to count with one in your company? Contact with us.