The April Experience @Home

More than a year ago, challenged by Sampson Lee to write something about Customer Effort for SME’s, I wrote this article about it, taking a restaurant in the Madrid mountains as an example. I tried to prove that even for SME´s, evaluating…
nota de prensa BEX 2018

BEX 2018: Press release

The new Labour Director General at the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security, Mr. Ángel Allué Buiza, is taking part in the IE Business School presentation of the First Employee Experience Barometer held by the Business School…
metrics customer experience

Which Metrics do Spanish Companies use to Measure Customer Experience?

This is surely the most pressing question for those in charge of measuring Customer Experience. The information has been obtained from the “First maturity research on brand experience in Spanish companies” which we carried out in April 2018,…
customer journey Spain

Half of Spanish Companies do not have a Defined Customer Journey

Here, we continue to provide data collected in the “First maturity research on brand experience in Spanish companies”, spearheaded by Buljan & Partners Consulting, Leading Brands of Spain Forum ( and …
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An intern´s thoughts on Buljan & Partners´ culture

By Maite Eraña Salmeron We could call it a stroke of luck, really. The placement process was rather ambiguous, which is why I still can´t believe how well this position suits me. I am a recent graduate from Boston University School of Hospitality…
recomendaciones aerolineas

My top 10 Recommendations to Implement in Airlines

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MIGUEL SANZ FROM B&P I would like to share with you some actions that, in my opinion, could be implemented in airline companies and that do not involve great costs, are easy to implement and aim to improve the customer…
vulnerable customer

The vulnerable customer as a type of customer

Written by Lisa Rottmann for Buljan & Partners Consulting In this blog you’ll find ideas, support and references for exceeding your client’s expectations and consistently improving their experience. But what happens when customer experience…
customer emotions
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Managing emotions in stressful situation for clients

Written by Miguel Sanz for Buljan & Partners Consulting The words "managing customers’ emotions" are tremendously attractive to companies and there is no doubt that they are key to establishing an emotional bond with customers. What…

Apple, the best customer experience?

Written by Luis Hergueta for Buljan & Partners Consulting In my opinion, it is difficult to find a remarkable customer experience in product centric sectors. There are some automotive companies with a genuine interest in customers' concerns,…

The tower of babel in the Customer Experience

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners consulting A desperate customer in search of help and solutions often finds himself confronted with complex procedures, incomprehensible sales pitches and decisions made unilaterally in the…

Customer Effort taken to SME level

Written by Monique Jansen for Buljan & Partners Consulting Just before Easter, I engaged in an interesting LinkedIn conversation in the “CRM&CEM professionals” group, triggered by an excellent article written by Sampson Lee, in…
Customer Experience with your partner
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A seamless Customer Experience between you and your partner

By Buljan & Partners Consulting The practice of paying for a service after using it ("pay-per-use model") is becoming increasingly popular in current society. End customers and users are setting the pace of this trend as we can see in…
A patient experience officer working

Patient experience officer, an emerging profession?

Written by Carlos Bezos Daleske, as guest blogger, for Buljan and Partners Consulting An article published by Erick Wicklund at mHealthNews describes the rising position of the patient experience officer in the U.S. The author identifies two…
customer experience sucks?

Customer Experience sucks?

By Buljan & Partners Consulting The importance of the customer experience in achieving your goals Do you really believe that the experience of your customer is of no importance? Do you fulfill the expectations you promissed? Do you really…
Crm vs ccm

Radio Interview Silvana Buljan: "The heart of the matter"

By Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners consulting What is CCM (Customer Centric Management)? How does it differ from CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is closely linked to data, systems,…
What is customer centric management

Vídeo: What is Customer Centric Management?

By Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting "Saying that my company is a Customer-Centric organization and really making my customers feel that they are in the center of our business are two different things". Silvana Buljan explains…